Rally against Drug Abuse in Tening

Tening: Youth organization urges students to understand that habit of drug abuse not only greatly affects body and mind but also ruins career

BY | Saturday, 30 September, 2023

Rally against drug abuse was held at Tening Town on 29th September 2023 at the Town square under the theme, “People First, Stop Stigma, Discrimination and Strengthen Prevention”, DIPR informed. The event was organised by District Administration in collaboration with Anti-Drug Committee Tening (ACT).

ADC Tening, Lemlila Sangtam, NCS while delivering her short speech encouraged the gathering and spoke on how to support oneself and prevent the individuals from taking drugs. She said children and students from Tening town are the future of the Nagas and society in particular and urged the gathering to stand unitedly against substance and drugs abuse and said that drugs consumption makes students mentally and physically weak and attract various diseases.

ADC also called upon various organisation, CSOs and Students Union to make the society a drug-free society. Sangtam lauded the schools and others for actively participating in the short program which was collaboratively organised by Anti-Drug committee, Tening (ACT) & Administrations. Sangtam further added that the Administration is looking forward to extend full cooperation in every possible way even in the coming days.

President Tening Town Youth Organisation, Kaibakam in his short speech said that every teenager must understand that the habit of drug abuse not only greatly affects body and mind but also ruins their career. Therefore, everyone should strictly say ‘NO’ to drugs and save ones lives as well as the lives of our loved one by spreading awareness.

Others who spoke in the program included, President Liangmai council (N) and President Zeme Council, Tening Town.

The event was actively participated and attended by GHHS, Baptist High school, SFS school and Heraka Schools Tening.

Earlier, the formal program began with an invocation prayer by Youth Pastor, TNBP, Khiupume, Keringseyi Ringdy and friends gave a special presentation and President, TSU delivered the vote of thanks.

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