St. John’s School Changtongya unveils new state-of-the-art computer lab

Changtongya: Lone private institution in Akoya village draws students from several villages in the region including from Longleng district

BY | Sunday, 10 September, 2023

St. John’s School Changtongya celebrated the grand inauguration of its advanced Computer Lab, marking a significant leap in equipping students with digital skills. The ceremony, held in Changtongya on September 9th, featured Colonel Rahul Gurung, Kirti Chakra Commandant of 12 Assam Rifles, Mokokchung, as the esteemed Chief Guest.

The event unveiled a total of 60 computers, poised to become the tools of transformation for eager young minds. These computers will be fully operational starting 11th September, promising to usher in a new era of digital learning for the students of St. John’s School Changtongya.

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Colonel Rahul Gurung, addressed the students with a fervent message of hope and determination. He shared his own journey, emphasizing the importance of nurturing dreams and working tirelessly to achieve them. He cited iconic figures like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who contributed to ISRO’s remarkable lunar landing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarkable rise from humble beginnings, and India’s wealthiest individual, Mr. Ambani, as living proof that dedication and hard work know no boundaries.

Colonel Gurung encouraged the students not to be disheartened by regional disparities or perceived disadvantages. Instead, he urged them to see their ST quota as a privilege and a platform for success. He emphasized that those who believe in themselves can accomplish anything and reminded the students to honor their parents’ efforts and the sacrifices they make for their education.

Tiatemjen, Chairman of the Akhoya Village Council, extended a warm welcome to the guests and expressed his hope that the new Computer Lab would empower students with essential computer skills, essential in this era of digital dominance.

Subrata Baruah, the Principal of St. John’s School, emphasized the importance of staying current with digital advancements in a world that is rapidly embracing technology. He expressed that the Computer Lab’s inauguration was eagerly awaited, as it signifies the school’s commitment to providing holistic education, including digital literacy.

M.T. Among, VCM lauded the Assam Rifles for their invaluable contributions to Akhoya village and their unwavering support for school facilities. He commended the unity, friendship, and respect that the Assam Rifles have shown.

Takowati, the school’s proprietor in his short speech shared his heartfelt desire to provide quality education to students worldwide. He expressed his happiness that the school could now offer computer education, highlighting their commitment to empowering every student with practical computer skills. Takowati and his family have been at the helm of St. John’s School for just eight months, and they have already made remarkable strides in enhancing its facilities and educational offerings.

While conversing with the school’s proprietor, Takowati, about the institution’s history, it was revealed that his cousin, C Lima Jamir, a retired Deputy Director from the Nagaland Education Department, had managed the school for 27 years following its establishment. As his cousin grew too old to oversee the school, Takowati and his family were requested to take over and construct a new school building within a two-year timeframe. Currently, the school is in its inaugural year under Takowati’s ownership, boasting 141 students, a Principal, Vice Principal, 16 teaching staff members, three vehicle operators, one office assistant, and two janitors.

The school also offers hostel facilities for both boys and girls, with a boys’ hostel and staff quarters on-site. Adequate water supply has been technically tested and confirmed, ensuring a reliable source. Takowati noted that the surrounding area has a relatively low population, drawing students not only from Akhoya Village but also from Changtongya Town, Changtongya Village, Yisemyong, and several Phom villages from Longleng district. He mentioned that, although there are five to six private schools in Changtongya, St. John School is the only one in Akhoya Village. Approximately 30 students hail from Longleng district.

Takowati emphasized the school’s commitment to preserving local languages, offering Phom and Ao languages as mother tongue subjects, respecting each tribe’s linguistic heritage. The school provides classes from LKG (Lower Kindergarten) to Grade 10 under the Nagaland Board of School Education (NBSE). Looking ahead, Takowati has ambitious plans, envisioning the implementation of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) courses starting in 2026, recognizing the absence of CBSE programs in the region. He stressed that efforts to raise awareness among students are already underway. Despite this, the school remains sensitive to the financial constraints of students and parents, refraining from imposing high fees. He described the school’s mission-oriented approach, driven by his dedication to providing quality education. Coming from a family with a strong teaching background, Takowati plans to retire in 2026 from his current profession and intends to devote his full time to the school.

He expressed gratitude for the school’s serene environment and picturesque surroundings, including an adjacent playground. Additionally, he and his wife have plans to offer free computer education to all students. The curriculum will comprise theoretical computer knowledge during the first term, followed by practicals after the summer break. Each student in every class will have access to an individual computer for practical sessions. Takowati attributed the school’s success to the divine, and he aims to apply for a Higher Secondary program in the Arts and Science streams under the CBSE curriculum starting in the academic year 2027. He conveyed his deep satisfaction with the teaching faculty.”

The event also featured an orientation program on career guidance in the field of the Army profession, providing information on how to apply, study, and cultivate interest from the Assam Rifle personnel.

The event was marked by the sweet sounds of the school anthem sung by St. John’s School students and a heartfelt ode to Colonel Rahul Gurung, Kirti Chakra, presented by K. Mangyang. The occasion concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Chubakokla LKR, Headmistress of St. John’s School.

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