State College of Teacher Education Kohima Celebrates Cultural Day

BY | Wednesday, 29 May, 2024

Under the theme, “Weaving a Tapestry of Humanity” the State College of Teacher Education Kohima celebrated Cultural Day with Temjen Imna Along, Minister for Higher Education & Tourism as the special Guest on the 29th May, 2024 informed DIPR.

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During the course of the programme, Temjen Imna Along stated in his speech that, “Life is a remarkable Tapestry woven from diverse experiences, dreams and aspirations. Each individual bring a unique perspective creating a vibrant diverse world which need to explore the profound beauty of human life embracing the joys, challenges and share humanity that unites us through our culture and Traditions.” He also highlighted the crucial role that they are to play in society as he states, “As you pass out from this institution you will be going to different fields and institution where you have a key role to play in shaping our future Naga Generation.”

Additionally, he also remarked that teaching profession is not the last option as many Nagas think but in fact it is the greatest option, to be able to teach and build is one of the greatest blessing. He ends with the closing remark, “We all fail sometimes but we need not be afraid all the time because no one is perfect. We need to continue our efforts for Excellence with humbleness and pursuance and try to live our life partially.”

Ketoriavi Sakhrie, Assistant professor hosted the event and the welcome address was delivered by Dr. Elizabeth Walling, Principal. A fusion of culture was performed by Dino girl’s hostel.


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