Student from Nagaland alleges ragging in NEHU; FIR filed; ASU, NSUS demand action against perpetrators

Kohima: ASU appeals Government of Nagaland to immediately intervene on matter

BY | Friday, 13 October, 2023

In an unfortunate event, a Naga student studying in North Eastern Hill University, Tura Campus, Meghalaya has filed an FIR alleging ragging by a group of boys at Arbella Boys Hostel, Chasingre, Tura, NEHU Campus on 8th October. The incident has since been condemned by the Angami Students’ Union and Naga Students’ Union, Shillong who have demanded for justice against this violation of human rights. The FIR was lodged at South Police Station, Kohima, Nagaland.

According to the ‘victim’s statement’, it was the first night in hostel for the 1st Semester student when there was a knock on the door between 1:30 am and 2:00 am. When he answered the door, some boys pointed flashlights to his face and led him to an empty room after he confirmed that he was a fresher. Inside the room, he was asked to introduce himself in Hindi which he complied but the boys then asked him to do a “naked dance”.

“With my whole body shivering and my voice shaking with fear, I begged them not to make me do such things,” the student from Nagaland stated. On being threatened of being kicked out of hostel, he removed his shirt but the group of boys forced him to remove his shorts and one of them went to the extent of pulling down his inner wear.

“I was so traumatised and utterly terrified as I broke down in tears. They warned and threatened me that they will expose me if I report the incident to anyone,” the 1st Semester student said, adding his suspicion that videos may had had been recorded. After the ordeal, the boys asked him return to his room but instructed him not to lock his door.

“I did not sleep a wink and waited for dawn,” the boy said in his statement. When morning came, the boy fled to Nagaland out of fear that the boys may come after him again.

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Angami Students’ Union

The Angami Students’ Union, on Friday (13th October), expressed shock that no action has been initiated to investigate the ragging incident that took place on 8th October at NEHU, Tura campus.  While condemning the horrific act, ASU demanded befitting action against “the perpetrators from the said hostel, who have not only threatened the safety of the Naga students but also violated human rights within an educational campus.”

President, Khriesamhalie David Mere and Convenor, Grievances Cell, Thejalhoukho Thomas Khawakhrie, further conveyed the Union’s sympathies to the 1st semester student who was subjected to ragging and assured that Angami Students’ Union will not until justice is delivered and safety is assured to the Naga students.

ASU also appealed the Government of Nagaland to immediately intervene on the matter and ensure that justice is served at the earliest.

Naga Students’ Union, Shillong

Earlier on 11th October, the Naga Students’ Union, Shillong submitted a memorandum to the Vice Chancellor of NEHU urging for immediate interventions and actions against the ragging incident at Arbella Boys Hostel, Chasingre, NEHU, Tura Campus.

In its letter, NSUS President Chiran Shimrah and General Secretary, Mughaka Awomi requested the university to immediately initiate the following seven points-

  1. Union demands for the necessary actions and interventions by the concern authority within 24 hrs. Failing to do so, the Union will take the matters into it’s hand; calling for strikes and boycotts towards the university, moreover will release the heinous incident in the media calling for social justice.
  2. The University should also facilitate the Victim students to transfer to another Central University of the same course
  3. Ensure that the Vice Chancellor, as designated authority, file an FIR within the next 24 hours.
  4. Implement stringent disciplinary actions against the perpetrators, in accordance with the university’s Anti ragging policies and pertinent laws (such as UGC’s Regulations on curbing the menace of Ragging in Higher educational institutions, 2002)
  5. Expulsion of the perpetrators from the University
  6. Maintain transparent communication from the University
  7. Aligning with the UGC’s Regulations on curbing Ragging, bolster community building endeavours. With a special focus on every incoming fresher.

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