Sumi Hoho releases press statement on the NZPO blockade of Kiyevi village

Zunheboto: The blockade of Kiyevi village comes as a result of inaction by the Government of Nagaland, states the Sümi Hoho

BY | Saturday, 13 August, 2022

The Sümi Hoho issued a press statement today in response to the blockade of Kiyevi village by the Nagaland Zeliang People Organization (NZPO). The blockade has lasted for a number of days. The statement alleges that the issue has continued on because of the “inaction” of the Government of Nagaland (GoN) and has called on the GoN to “act immediately and protect the rights of Kiyevi village”.

The statement further raises serious concern in relation to the Commissioner of Nagaland Letter Vide No: CNG-1/45/COM/KHEHOI/2018 which was dated 13 August 2022.

The statement reads: “The Sümi Hoho is shocked to note as to why the legitimate rights of the people of Kiyevi village should be kept on hold in receiving the damage compensation. Holding up the payment by the government is a direct discrimination and depriving the rights of the citizens of Kiyevi village.”

The Sümi Hoho has asked for the damage compensation to be paid immediately to the concerned people of Kiyevi village.

The statement ends with the Sümi Hoho stating that if any “unwanted situation” should occur as a result of the GoN failing to resolve the Kiyevi village issue, the GoN “should take full responsibility”.


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