Sümi Patriots’ Day observed at Zunheboto

Zunheboto: The Patriots Day was observed to commemorate the death anniversary of Lt. Gen. Jaito Sema and other patriots

BY | Thursday, 4 August, 2022

The Zunheboto Range Students’ Union ZRSU in collaboration with the Sumi Hoho organised the Sümi Patriots’ Day on 4th August 2022 at patriots’ monolith point old Town & Alahuto junction Zunheboto at 8:30AM to commemorate the death anniversary of late Gen. Kaito. Sema and to honour the slain patriots who sacrificed their lives fighting for the cause of Sümis and the Nagas.

  1. Nikheto jimomi, President Sumi Hoho, while speaking during the programme said that Gen Kaito Sema was a warrior and that he fought for the rights of the Nagas and died on 4th August 1968 and to commemorate this, Sümi patriots Day is observed.

He further extended the Sumi and Nagas blessings to all the patriots and others of their generation who laid their lives for the Nagas.

Kashito yepthomi, President Sumi Kukami Hoho, also spoke during the programme and said that after Gen Kaito’s death, many people commented that he was a warrior who was fearless and stood for the rights and betterment of the Nagas.

He added that Some people even regarded Gen. Kaito as their idol because he possessed admirable leadership qualities.

Earlier the programme was chaired by Gihuka k Zhimo, President ZRSU, Invocation prayer was pronounced by Rev. Kihoshe  Asumi, Pastor, NCRC Zunheboto, while Special number was presented by Immanuel Higher Secondary School.

Prayer for the patriots and benediction was pronounced by Dr. Hutton, Sumi Pastor


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