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Arson suspected behind fire at Mokokchung’s Kinunger Village; two houses, granary charred, church suffers minor damages

Mokokchung: Short circuit unlikely as electricity cut off for years in vacant houses, says Chairman of Kinunger Village Council

BY / Sunday, 5 May, 2024

Two injured as security forces, mobs clash in Imphal; attempts at torching houses of BJP leaders

Imphal/Kolkata: Mob surrounds BJP office post-midnight at Sinjemai, but could not do any harm

BY / Saturday, 17 June, 2023

Manipur: Mob vandalise House of Union minister Ranjan Singh, mob clashes with forces

Imphal: Minister, who is currently in Kochi, says government will talk to all communities and find a way out

BY / Friday, 16 June, 2023

Manipur violence: Security forces clash with mob, houses set on fire at Imphal

Imphal: Security forces redoubles efforts in wake of an attack on a Kuki village in the Khamenlok area

BY / Thursday, 15 June, 2023

Manipur: Curfew tightened in Imphal East district after fresh violence

Imphal: Army arrests three suspects along with two weapons

BY / Monday, 22 May, 2023

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