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Free Movement Regime

NSF appeals United Nations to intervene further fragmentation of Naga homeland

Kohima: Freedom of movement and right to unrestricted mobility destructive and tyrannical design against Naga people’s human rights

BY / Thursday, 8 February, 2024

Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh CMs welcome GoI’s decision to scrap FMR

Kohima: Governments of Nagaland and Mizoram yet to issue statements on issue

BY / Thursday, 8 February, 2024

No borders or boundaries between brothers and sisters: Khiamniungan people support Council in condemning FMR, fence

Noklak: We lived sharing pains and sorrows to one another as kin and we lived as one family, a man from Khiamniungan tribe says

BY / Sunday, 4 February, 2024

Any attempt to control free movement of Naga people within homeland will face retaliation: NSO

Lahe (Myanmar): NSO condemns statements of Advisor Imkong L Imchen and Minister Temjen Imna Along on FMR

BY / Sunday, 4 February, 2024

Naga civil bodies in Myanmar condemn GoI’s proposed FMR, border fencing

Lahe (Myanmar): We assertively declare that Naga people shall enjoy unrestricted access to their farmlands, fields, Naga villages, and towns within Naga Homeland

BY / Sunday, 4 February, 2024

Chief Angh of Longwa urge Nagaland Govt to speak up against ending of FMR, border fence

Mon: Despite boundary demarcation, people continue to live as proud citizens of Longwa Village and Konyak Nagas, Angh says

BY / Friday, 2 February, 2024

Naga politicians supporting Centre on suspension of FMR regrettable, says ENSA

Kohima: ENSA urges GoI to engage in meaningful dialogue with Naga people to preserve peace

BY / Sunday, 28 January, 2024

Abolition of FMR will be extremely catastrophic for future of Naga: NTPRADAO

Kohima: Org slams Minister Along, Advisor Imchen for having ‘anti-Naga mindset’

BY / Saturday, 27 January, 2024

Naga Hoho slams Imchen’s ‘backstabbing’ statement on Indo-Myanmar border

Kohima: NH condemn Imchen’s actions as betrayal of collective vision for momentary political gains

BY / Saturday, 27 January, 2024

CM Rio hopes for ‘workable formula’ to solve Indo-Myanmar border issues

Kohima: CM emphasizes on need for discussion and consultation with people

BY / Friday, 26 January, 2024

Advisor Imkong L Imchen for immediate removal of FMR, states importance of clear boundary demarcation

Khensa (Mokokchung): Imchen questions relevance of Naga integration when not actively pursued by all involved parties

BY / Monday, 22 January, 2024

Nagaland will discuss GoI’s call to fence Indo Myanmar border, FMR with other NE States: Y Patton

Kohima: Nagaland Police will find ways to regulate border better while considering sentiments of Naga people: DGP

BY / Monday, 22 January, 2024
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