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India, Russia agree to strengthen multilateral cooperation to combat organized crime, terrorist financing and drug trafficking

Moscow: Russia reiterates steadfast support for India’s permanent membership of a reformed and expanded UN Security Council

BY / Wednesday, 10 July, 2024

PM Modi conferred ‘The Order of St. Andrew the Apostle’, becomes first Indian leader to get Russia’s highest national award

Moscow: PM Modi wraps up Russia visit, emplanes for Vienna to become first Indian Prime Minister to visit Austria in over 40 years

BY / Tuesday, 9 July, 2024

World amazed at pace of development in India in last 10 years: PM Modi in Moscow

Moscow: India to open two new Indian Consulates in Kazan and Ekaterinburg, PM Modi announces

BY / Tuesday, 9 July, 2024

G7 overcomes internal wrangling and ‘irrelevance’ barbs to strike US$50 billion deal to support Ukraine

Authors: Gregory Stiles is a University Teacher, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Sheffield; Hugo Dobson is Professor of Japan’s International Relations, School of East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield   In the 26 months since Russia

BY / Wednesday, 19 June, 2024

Why would Islamic State attack Russia and what does this mean for the terrorism threat globally?

Melbourne: Continued growth of both ISIS-K and al-Qaeda under Taliban rule in Afghanistan should concern us much more than we have been acknowledging

BY / Sunday, 24 March, 2024

Islamic State claims Moscow attack that killed 60; PM Modi extends solidarity with Russia

New Delhi: US had advised its citizens in Moscow to avoid large gatherings earlier this month

BY / Saturday, 23 March, 2024

Navalny dies in prison, authorities say − but his blueprint for anti-Putin activism will live on

Indiana: Navalny survived Novichok poisoning only because international pressure forced the regime to allow him to be airlifted to Germany for treatment

BY / Saturday, 17 February, 2024

India and Russia relations remain very steady, very strong: Dr S Jaishankar in Moscow

Moscow: Putin sends invitation to Modi to visit Russia in 2024

BY / Thursday, 28 December, 2023

Why the US and its partners cannot afford to go soft on support for Ukraine now

Sydney: Moscow believes the West (as Ukraine’s main arms and aid backers) will at some point lose interest and push Kyiv to sue for peace

BY / Wednesday, 22 November, 2023

Western powers failed to ‘Ukrainise’ G20 agenda: Russian foreign minister

New Delhi: Lavrov says India has managed to consolidate representatives of Global Souths for first time in history of G20

BY / Monday, 11 September, 2023

Yevgeny Prigozhin: Wagner Group boss joins long list of those who challenged Vladimir Putin and paid the price

Birmingham: Author claims that under Putin, Russia has carried out several high-profile assassinations and assassination attempts

BY / Friday, 25 August, 2023
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