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How is digital technology affecting our kids’ sleep?

Brisbane: While light emitted by screens may be a concern, role of bright artificial lighting in the home and other light sources such as TVs and street lighting also needs to be considered

/ 18 Jul, 2024

Living long but dying alone in Singapore

Living long but dying alone in Singapore

/ 14 Jul, 2024

Exam debate betrays India’s next generation of leaders

Sonipat: ‘Indian Republic runs on two procedural legitimating devices: Elections and exams’

/ 10 Jul, 2024

Northeast India’s battle against drugs

Guwahati: NE a route for marketing drugs produced in Myanmar’s Wa and Shan states

/ 05 Jul, 2024

Stress, depression and worse: The dangers of too much screen time

Bangalore: Rise of technology addiction is a complex challenge that requires concerted effort from families, educators, mental health professionals, technology companies, and government

/ 30 Jun, 2024

Protecting the vulnerable from monsoon’s flood of diseases

Haryana: While rural and urban local bodies have a critical role, smaller towns and peri-urban areas are at greater risk as public amenities are stretched at best and rickety at worse

/ 26 Jun, 2024

Rising temperatures threaten India’s wheat production

New Delhi: Government of India imposes stock limits on Wheat with immediate effect

/ 24 Jun, 2024

Ancient Indian food is returning to the dining table

Sonipat: India's long history as a colonised region certainly pushed its people to adopt Western choices and lifestyles — or 'tastes' — even in matters of food

/ 18 Jun, 2024

How slum-dwellers bear the brunt of summer heat

The authors are Aalok Khandekar, IIT Hyderabad; Anant Maringanti, Teja Malladi; and, Swastik Harish, Hyderabad Urban Lab in Hyderabad   Existing Heat Action Plans prioritise short-term relief and are insufficiently localised The millions of people living in slums across

/ 08 Jun, 2024

The return of coalition politics in India

Author Satish K Jha is an Associate professor of Political Science at Aryabhatta College, Delhi University.   India’s election results have given a new lease of life to the regional parties. The results of the parliamentary election have ended

/ 08 Jun, 2024

Modi’s grip on power slips with resounding personal defeat

New Delhi: If Modi returns to power, his dependence on his allies would prevent him from aggressively pushing his Hindu majoritarian agenda

/ 05 Jun, 2024

India’s voters literally feel the heat

New Delhi: As with any environmental disaster, impact of additional heat is profoundly dictated by privilege

/ 03 Jun, 2024
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