tEA felicitates daughter of street vendor for topping HSLC Exam

Pfutsero: Velu acknowledges invaluable support of her teachers at Chakhesang Mission Higher Secondary School

BY | Tuesday, 30 May, 2023
The Entrepreneurs Associates felicitates Velu Theluo

The Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA) recognized and honoured Velu Theluo, the daughter of a street vendor and aggregator, for achieving the 15th position in the HSLC board exams with a remarkable score of 96.50 percent.

Nutsulu Theluo, a beneficiary of the ‘Uplifting Women Street Vendors Program’ in Pfutsero, has been working tirelessly for the past two decades as a street vendor and aggregator. Her work involves transporting farm produce and local goods from Pfutsero to Dimapur and purchasing essential items in Dimapur to sell upon her return.

Every Tuesday, she embarks on a journey, traveling throughout the night to reach Dimapur just before dawn, primarily targeting the Wednesday Bazaar in the state’s commercial hub. Nutsulu then undertakes another night journey to return home, often without proper sleep. It was during one of these recent trips, while still in Dimapur, that she received a call informing her that her daughter’s achievement. This news brought immense joy to Nutsulu, as she felt her years of hard work and dedication to providing education for her five children had paid off.

Considering Nutsulu’s participation in the ‘Uplifting Women Street Vendors Program’ since 2017 and her association with The Entrepreneurs Associates (tEA), the organization conducted a felicitation program to acknowledge this achievement within the vegetable vending community. The program took place in Pfutsero, where a check of Rs 12,000 was presented to Velu Theluo in recognition of her accomplishment.

During the event, Neikule Doulo, Head of Communications, expressed gratitude to the Theluo family for their hard work and for breaking barriers for many other families facing similar circumstances. She emphasized the significance of this achievement for tEA, given their efforts in supporting vegetable vendors, and encouraged everyone present to strive for excellence collectively, leading to community-wide benefits.

Zhonelu Tunyi, the President of the Chakhesang Mothers Association (CMA), addressed the gathering and congratulated Velu and her parents on this significant milestone. The CMA president emphasized that education knows no gender differentiation and offers great opportunities for women to be on par with or even surpass men. Highlighting the growing trend of girls excelling in various fields, she expressed hope for continued empowerment of women in all aspects, stating that Velu’s achievement was not just for her family but for the entire community.

Velu shared her journey with the tEA team members, expressing her consistent hard work and adherence to a specific routine in pursuit of her goals. She acknowledged the invaluable support of her teachers at Chakhesang Mission Higher Secondary School, who served as her driving force, instilling belief in her abilities and helping her realize her potential. Velu now plans to pursue further studies in the Science stream.

As the second youngest among five siblings, Velu recounted her childhood memories of her mother’s hard work and sacrifices as the sole breadwinner in the family. She described how her mother raised them with the meagre income she earned from a small corner shop that no longer exists, and later through her vegetable vending business. Velu’s father, a social worker, also actively encouraged her and granted her the freedom to excel in her studies.

The program was chaired by Chukhoyi Chiero, Zonal Head of Phek Zone, who emphasized the significance of this achievement for the street vending community, particularly in the Phek District.

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