The School of Bullies by Kuzo Kezo: Pen Thrill’s 75th publication teaches adults to be more sensitive to children’s needs

Kohima: This is a book to be read, to be kept and also to be applied, Rev Dr Keyho says

BY | Sunday, 6 August, 2023
Kuzo Kezo, author of ‘The School of Bullies’, with Rev Dr Zelhou Keyho during the launch of his book on 5 August 2023

Pen Thrill Publication House released its 75th publishing on Saturday with the launch of ‘The School of Bullies’ authored by Kuzo Kezo, a 12-year-old boy who loves comics and writing stories. The young author explores his imagination and exposed his creativity through his fictional narrative ‘The School of Bullies’ by capturing readers attention to the crude realities of the society and the world.

The book is reviewed by Rükulü Puro, Assistant Professor Capital College and Chief Instructor of CUE Academy, Centre of Writing Skill.

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During the launch of his book at Kindred, Beit’s Plaza, Secretariat Road, Kohima, Kezo confessed that the book is purely fictional. He however mentioned that he is also a victim of classroom bullying and said, “I couldn’t bear to think about myself as they call me many names. I felt hurt, sad, angry and felt I should not exist”.

Kezo acknowledged and thanked his teachers and friends who have always stood by him encouraging and supporting whilst also strengthening him to overcome all the challenges.

The Grade 7 student of St. Mary Cathedral Higher Secondary School, Kohima, who began writing from grade 1, also loves playing piano, making computer games, animation and applications besides reading books.

Special Guest Rev Dr Zelhou Keyho, General Secretary, Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) in his address congratulated the young author and expressed his gratitude for presenting the extant realities through his fictional narrative. “We were all once children and we are not going to be children again anymore but when you read this book you will go back to the past and think about how you grew up to be what you are today. I think honestly, I have bullied people and I think other people have bullied me but those days we didn’t know. We grew up with fear and insecurity yet, we didn’t know how to express them,” Rev Keyho said.

He mentioned that the young author has represented “ourselves in a fictional way without offending anyone bringing out the reality to enable us to be a better teacher and most importantly to be better parents, bigger brothers and bigger sisters, better aunties and better uncles” and added “the book helps us to think beyond what is written in the school of bullies”.

“It is not just a fictional book to be read and to be kept aside but to be read, to be kept and also to be applied,” Rev Keyho added.

Rita Krocha, writer, poet and owner of Pen Thrill Publications, recounting the budding and blooming of the young authors said, it began in 2017 with Suki’s Magic box written by 10-year-old girl Suki who distinguished herself as the young Naga author. She encouraged the parents to allow the children to grow in the company of books by instilling the love of stories and reading from young age.

Highlighting the serious extant issue of bullying she exuded hope that ‘The School of Bullies’ will serve as an eye-opener that enables us to become more sensitive to the needs of the children who deserve to learn and grows in a safe and healthy environment

The launching event was chaired by Jodovelü Shijoh, Assistant Superintendent, Children Ministry, Chakhesang Baptist Church Kohima (CBCK).

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