Tuensang DCPO underlines role of Village Child protection Committees in ensuring child protection

Tuensang: Children below 18 years should be labeled as ‘delinquents’, not ‘accused’: DCPO

BY | Monday, 20 November, 2023

Yangthriba Sangtam, District Child Protection Officer (DCPO), Tuensang, highlighted the crucial role of Village Child Committees (VCC) in ensuring child protection, particularly in the immediate reporting in the case of orphans.  He also emphasised the role of such committees in creating awareness about child safety at the village level.

The DCPO was speaking at a comprehensive program organised by the District Child Protection Unit (DCPU), Department of Social Welfare, Tuensang on the role and responsibilities of Wards and Village Child Protection and Welfare Committee on 18th November 2023 at the DC Conference Hall in Tuensang, DIPR said.

Sangtam stressed on the collective responsibility to protect children aged 18 years and below and urged ward unions to emphasize that the law should not be taken into one’s own hands but reported to the department. He emphasized that children below 18 years should be labeled as ‘delinquents’, not ‘accused’. The resource person also addressed various issues such as child sexual abuse, child labor, illegal adoption, runaway children, child marriage, and substance abuse.

The DCPO further outlined the structure under DCPU, including the Juvenile Justice Board, Child Working Committee, and SGDU and discouraged the direct referral of child-related issues to Juvenile Justice Board.

The program was chaired by Lunang Lakiu, ADEO, DCPU Tuensang. The welcome address was delivered by Akumba Yimkhiung, Member, CWC, and the vote of thanks was delivered by Alemla Chang, Member, JJB.

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