Tuensang: Logjam in class 11 admissions as schools do not have capacity to accommodate all HSLC qualified students

Tuensang: 780 students apply for admission while the two govt hr sec schools can take only 370 students

BY | Tuesday, 6 June, 2023

The recently declared results of Nagaland Board of School Education had a pass percentage of 70.32% for HSLC, of which, the government schools secured 35% and private schools 79% pass percentage in HSLC. This is a significant improvement as compared to 2022 results where the government schools secured 22% and private schools 67% pass percentage.

With the increase in the number of students passing the examination, a bottleneck situation has developed in Tuensang Town as the higher secondary schools cannot accommodate all the qualified students in Class 11.

There are only four higher secondary schools, two are run by the government and two are privately owned.

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Sonla, a mother of one HSLC student lamented by saying, “My son is an average student, but he is hard working. He really worked hard and performed well on his 10th standard but since we are financially poor, we cannot afford to admit him in private schools. Since the government schools are also performing at par with the private schools, we thought of nothing better than to let him join a government school. But even after he performed well, if the government school are filled up with only brilliant students, where do you think my son should go. Theoretically he passed but practically he failed if that’s the case, since he didn’t get admission.”

The Chang Wedoshi Setshang (Chang Students’ Conference), served a memorandum to the Principal Director, Directorate of School Education, Nagaland stating that the existing two government higher secondary schools cannot accommodate the qualified students due to lack of classrooms as well as shortage of teachers. It also stated that 780 students have filled in the admission forms this year meanwhile the intake of the school is only 370 for both the schools.

They also mentioned that the CWS has not received any response to the letter which they wrote to the Directorate of School Education, Nagaland to upgrade Government High School, Hakushang into Government Higher Secondary School, Hakushang which was approved in District Planning and Development Board meeting on 16 March 2023.

“Therefore, in light of the discrepancies, the conference halts the admissions process for Class 11 in those two schools from 6th June, 2023 until the department provide alternative arrangement to accommodate those students who filled up the admission form,” it stated.

Further adding to the statement on the memorandum, C Pongsu, President, CWS stated, “Every year the people of Tuensang undergo the fiasco for the new admission of class 11 students. Even last year i.e., 2022 there were around 180 students left out without getting admission. Thus, the CWS hurriedly constructed one classroom at GHSS Thangjam from its fund and created one new class section and accommodated 100 students who were left helplessly without getting admission and the remaining 80 students were accommodated at GHSS Tuensang which increased the enrolment of 150 students in one classroom. The excess enrolment eventually affects the environment of the classroom as well as imparting the quality of education is out of question. Not only that, but with the initiative of school authorities three private teachers were appointed at GHSS Thangjam for the academic session 2022-23 with financial assistance from parents. The CWS, school authorities and the community highlighted all these activities and efforts to the department and appraised the need of teaching staff and more GHSS in Tuensang. But there is no positive response and intervention from department so far.”

“CWS have been trying its level best for past few years and has done every possible way for temporary solution. Having learned that the temporary solution will not ease the problem face by the people. The CWS take these steps for the welfare of students of Tuensang district,” he added.

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