UNXT program held in Tuensang to train students on employability skills

Tuensang: Students encouraged to pursue education and jobs outside, explore new things and learn

BY | Friday, 29 September, 2023

Sao Chang College Tuensang held its UNXT valediction programme at Loyem Memorial College, Tuensang, on Thursday with Rupali, Principal, Loyem Memorial College as its Guest Speaker.

UNXT is an employability skills training program mainly targeted towards graduating students in their final year to train them for employability, identify their strength and areas and jobs that suits them.

In her speech, Rupali mentioned that the students were fortunate have received this kind of training and opportunities which was rare back in their day.

“I am overwhelmed in watching the students sharing their experiences of the training and it shows that the training was a success just by their performance. The students of Tuensang need this kind of training provided and they should not take for granted,” said Rupali who encouraged the students, that in order to do better in life, to try and pursue what they want and not fall into any peer pressure.

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The Principal also motivated them to pursue education and jobs outside, explore new things and learn. “Do not listen to the rumours and remain a frog. Going outside of Nagaland is not like what people usually thinks. Many people have gone out, explored and came back to their own place and running their own business. So that should be the same goal for success in life,” advised the Principal.

If one is willing to learn whole heartedly the infrastructure or the environment doesn’t matter, said Rupali, all that matter is determination.

The programme was chaired by Sangkhumla, and invocation was pronounced by Mutsoi.T. Experiences on the UNXT training was also shared from Dolim S and Shanio while the vote of thanks was delivered by Naongmung.

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