Wokha Village Council declares Clean Election for ensuing ULB elections in Wokha Town; adopts resolution for ULB elections 2024

BY | Friday, 7 June, 2024

With the ensuing Urban Local Bodies (ULB) elections in Nagaland, the Wokha Village Council (WVC) has adopted resolutions to ensure free, fair and clean election. In a letter to the Additional Deputy Commissioner Returning Officer Wokha Town on June 7, the WVC highlighted its resolutions adopted for the safety and smooth environment during the elections:

  1. The house resolved that, no members of Wokha village either individually or in groups should not indulge in any activities for ‘ULB’ election 2024 within the Wokha Town Colonies except by the members having names in the electoral list against his or her own building household within the respective colonies whichever is applicable depending upon the colonies decisions/resolutions. Whereas if any members individually or in groups indulging in any activities pertaining to ‘ULB’ election 2024 without any valid reasons within Wokha Town Colonies, he or she is doing at his or her own risk and if any untoward incident/problems occurred/arises, the Wokha Village Council will not be held responsible whatsoever as resolved.
  1. The Council also resolved that no intending candidates will be allowed to take the name of the Wokha village or act upon on behalf of Wokha village for campaign and to woo the voters in any form within the colonies.

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“If such carried out activities is found and caught against any candidate within any colonies of Wokha Town, he or she will be taken stern action by the Wokha Village Council as deem fit uptn the extend of cancelling of his or her candidature,” stated the WVC.

  1. The house also resolved that focusing on the cited resolutions, the Wokha Village Council declared under the banner “CLEAN ELECTION” during ‘ULB’ election 2024 within Wokha Town to have a significant impact on its mission throughout the entire process.

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