Word Music Day artist watch: Lirhroni Z Lotha from Wokha

Wokha: Lirhoni is a member of an all-girls band called After 20s from Wokha

BY | Wednesday, 21 June, 2023

Lirhoni Z Lotha, a 23-year-old resident of Wokha Town, has had a passion for singing since childhood. She began singing at the age of ten, when she had her first opportunity to perform. It was during an inter-sector competition held in Wokha Town.

Recalling her journey, she mentions that one Stephen Mozhüi was the first person who encouraged her to participate in a solo competition, and she secured the first position. This experience motivated her to work on her singing and taught herself how to play the guitar.

Lotha adds, “I draw inspiration from my dad, and I am pursuing his dreams, aiming to make them come true, which he couldn’t.”

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As a full-time musician, her main focus is on music, and she has no other plans at the moment. Despite facing many naysayers who claim that there is no scope for making a living through singing in Nagaland, she remains determined to keep moving forward, following her dreams, doing what she loves, and proving them wrong.

She is a member of an all-girls band called After 20s from Wokha.

She hopes that in a few years, they will become a renowned band. Lirhoni does both covers and original music. Some of her original songs include “Let Me Out,” which tackles the topic of depression, “Love is Forever,” a love song, and “What If.” She is fond of indie alternative and pop music genres. She promotes her music on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Lirhoni emphasizes that she has mostly performed at weddings, festivals, and concerts. However, she is currently gearing up for more opportunities in the town, looking forward to expanding her presence and reaching a wider audience.

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