Yimkhiung festival ‘Metümnyo’ celebrated at Pungro Town

Kiphire: ‘Metümnyo’, a solemn festival that welcomes newborns and honours ones going by

BY | Tuesday, 8 August, 2023
Metümnyo program at Pungro Town, Kiphire on 8 August 2023

Yimkhiung Tribal Council and Pungro-based civil society organisations organized the Metümnyo festival on Tuesday at Pungro Town, Kiphire.

At the program, “Significant of the Metümnyo Festival” was shared by former YTC President Thsesong who said that Metümnyo is a solemn festival celebrated by the Yimkhiung Naga tribe in Nagaland. It is an old ritual, tradition and celebration of life and death, blending religious and seasonal significance, he enlightened.

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Thsesong also informed that traditionally, the festive days are spread from August 4 to 8 with the main feast being held on August 8.

Further, he mentioned that the word ‘Me’ means ‘Soul’, ‘Tüm’ means ‘Wrap’ and ‘Nyo’ means ‘Feast’. So, the word ‘Metümnyo’ means ‘Soul Wrapping Feast’, a solemn festival that welcomes newborns and honours the ones going by. The festival is celebrated in a season when granaries are filled with millets.

Thsesong, former president of Yimkhiung Tribal Council

The program was chaired by Lendila, Vice President of Yimkhiung Liberü Arihako (YBA), welcome address was pronounced by President, GBs Union Pungro Subdivision. EAC Pungro Yitachu Thurr, NCS, extended the Metümnyo greeting at the gathering.

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