2nd edition of Zelus Fiesta held at Wangkhao Government College Mon


BY | Tuesday, 2 April, 2024

In a display of talent, creativity and community spirit, Zelus Fiesta, the annual three-day festival consisting of Sports, literary and cultural activities at Wangkhao Government College Mon was held through the campus, from March 26 to March 29, leaving a trail of excitement and unforgettable memories. From vibrant melodies to captivating performances, the event showcased the vibrant culture and boundless energy of the college community.

The Fest started with a blend of literary exploration and musical performances by artists including budding talents from the College. The special artist of the first ever musical event in the college was none other than the veteran singer Pelao Konyak, an alumni of the college. The lineup of new artists also included the first ever band of the college: Wangngai Band whose performances contributed to the vibrant atmosphere of the Fiesta.

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The second day witnessed an array of cultural exploration through indigenous games such as bamboo climbing, bamboo stilt race, yarn spinning, wrestling, the major highlight being Go Karting race and rice pounding. The event also showcased folk fusion through songs and fashion.

The final day i.e the Sports event concluded after a gap on March 29. The event showcased the athletic prowess and competitive spirit in the college community, fostering a healthy competition and camaderie among the students.

Zelus Fiesta at Wangkhao Government College Mon truly encapsulated the essence of college life, fostering friendships and creating unforgettable memories.

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