3rd North East Games 2024: Manipur overtakes Nagaland in Medal Tally

Image Courtesy: Nagaland Olympics Association

BY | Thursday, 21 March, 2024

On the third day of the 3rd North East Games 2024, Manipur surged ahead to overtake Nagaland in the medal tally. “Manipur’s athletes exhibited outstanding performances, securing a total of 49 medals, including 20 Gold, 11 Silver, and 18 Bronze. This remarkable achievement propelled Manipur to the top position in the standings,” stated a press release by Nagaland Olympics Association (NOA).

On Day 3, the scene at the 1st NAP Ground in Chümoukedima was set with intense competition, as archers showcased extraordinary accuracy and expertise, captivating onlookers with their outstanding skill and precision.

Athletics :

In the field of Athletics, the atmosphere at the IG Stadium in Kohima was charged with intense competition, as athletes showcased exceptional speed and stamina, captivating the

Badminton :

The ambience at Tetso College, Sovima, was charged with energy as badminton players displayed swift movements and unleashed powerful shots, competing fiercely to establish

Basketball :

Tetso College, Sovima, underwent a notable metamorphosis into a lively arena for basketball aficionados, where teams showcased their prowess and collaboration with passion and resolve on the playing field.

Volleyball :

At the Shooting Complex in Sovima, Chümoukedima, fans of volleyball were treated to an exciting showcase as teams displayed their skill and competitiveness, amidst a lively atmosphere that ignited the fervent competition.

Taekwondo :

At the Futsal A site in Sovima, viewers were enraptured by a mesmerizing display of Taekwondo, with practitioners demonstrating grace, strength, and accuracy in their martial arts routines.

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Table Tennis :

At the Multidiscipline Sports Complex in Sovima, enthusiasts of Table Tennis were treated to captivating exchanges and strategic battles, witnessing players engage in thrilling rallies and tactical encounters on the tables.

Football :

At NAPTC in Chümoukedima, the resounding cheers of the crowd echoed throughout, infusing the atmosphere with vitality as football teams battled fiercely on the field, each determined to assert their dominance.

Lawn Tennis :

The ambience at the Tennis Complex in Kuda Village, Nagarjan, Dimapur, crackled with vitality as tennis players showcased their agility and unleashed powerful serves, participating in spirited competition to establish their supremacy and showcase their relentless resolve.

Sepaktakraw :

Niathu Resort in Chümoukedima provided a perfect backdrop for the energetic fervour of Sepak Takraw on the third day, presenting a scenic environment for the rapid-paced contest to take place.


Pencak Silat :

At Futsal B in Sovima, an electrifying atmosphere enveloped the surroundings as spectators were enraptured by the mesmerizing exhibition of Pencak Silat, an age-old martial art renowned for its dynamic vitality and deep-rooted tradition.

Nagaland, after leading in the previous days, closely followed behind with a total of 52 medals, consisting of 19 Gold, 12 Silver, and 21 Bronze. Meanwhile, Assam maintained a strong presence with 50 Medals in total, comprising 16 Gold, 21 Silver, and 13 Bronze.

“As the competition intensifies, spectators are gripped with anticipation, all eyes on Nagaland: will they reclaim their top spot, or will Manipur maintain its lead, or perhaps Assam will deliver a surprising upset?,” stated NOA. The 3rd North East Games 2024 continues to captivate audiences with its thrilling display of exceptional talent and sportsmanship, promising more exhilarating moments in the days to come.


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