4th Session of Nagaland Legislative Assembly concludes; Speaker praises Budget 24-25 as ‘finest’

Kohima: Speaker hopes for budget to mark beginning of ‘resurgent Nagaland’, emphasizes collective responsibility towards achieving “State of Excellence”

BY | Saturday, 2 March, 2024

Speaker of the 14th Nagaland Legislative Assembly, Sharingain Longkumer adjourned the fourth Session of the 14th NLA sine die on Friday.

Sharing his reflections on the Session, the Speaker praised the Budget 2024-25 as one of the “finest” to be presented before the August House and expressed gratitude to Chief Minister and Minister-in-Charge of Finance for its formulation. Longkumer acknowledged the tireless efforts of the Chief Secretary, Financial Commissioner, and senior government officials in translating the budget into action, reflecting the aspirations and vision of the state’s leadership.

According to DIPR, the Speaker, describing the budget as holistic, progressive, and people-centric, emphasized its humane approach and comprehensive coverage necessary for the socio-economic upliftment of the people and the State.

Reflecting on Nagaland’s 60th year of Assembly, he urged introspection on whether the citizens of the State are proud of their current position, expressing confidence that the present budget would help answer that question in the days ahead.

Highlighting the budget’s focus, he noted its emphasis on connectivity, strengthening of agricultural activities, infrastructure development, support for sports and cultural endeavors, as well as schemes benefiting the elderly and entrepreneurs. He drew attention to the significance of the Budget 2024-2025 in addressing core economic activities of the state, setting a path for growth and development in Nagaland

Further, the Speaker endorsed the sensitization and spreading of awareness among the populace regarding changes in the government’s approach to development matters. He emphasized the importance of encouraging each other to lead by example and to govern with integrity, starting with themselves.

Longkumer also urged for a shift from a dependency-driven mentality to a self-reliant attitude through the promotion of professional work cultures, enabling global employability, and bringing remittances to Nagaland. He expressed his hope for the budget to mark the beginning of a resurgent Nagaland, emphasizing that its utilization is a collective responsibility towards achieving a “State of Excellence.”

Speaker emphasized the role of the 14th NLA in strengthening Nagaland’s socio-economic foundation, ensuring a transformed and highly skilled state for future generations.

Acknowledging the move towards paperless Assembly proceedings, Longkumer thanked all members for their participation and support. He extended sincere appreciation to the Chief Secretary, Director General of Police, and other officials for facilitating the session effectively. Additionally, he commended the hard work of the officers and staff of the Assembly Secretariat and expressed gratitude to the media fraternity for their role in disseminating House proceedings to the people of Nagaland.

On completion of all the business, Speaker NLA Sharingain Longkumer adjourned the Fourth session of the 14th NLA sine die.

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