7 years of Framework agreement, no sign of final solution

Kohima: The framework agreement came after over 80 rounds of negotiations spanning 18 years, with the first breakthrough in 1997 when the ceasefire agreement was sealed after decades of insurgency in Nagaland

BY | Wednesday, 3 August, 2022

The framework agreement signed on August 3, 2015, by NSCN(IM) General Secretary Thuingaleng Muivah and Government of India interlocutor for Naga peace talks R.N Ravi in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave glimmers of hope to the Naga people for a lasting final solution. The framework agreement came after over 80 rounds of negotiations spanning 18 years, with the first breakthrough in 1997 when the ceasefire agreement was sealed after decades of insurgency in Nagaland.

Today, marks the 7th anniversary since, signing of the Framework Agreement and as talks still at a deadlock, the final solution is yet to see the light of day given the unwillingness of the GoI to accept the NSCN(IM)’s persistent demand for a separate flag and constitution.

K.Therie, President of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) pointed out that there is inconsistency on the part of the NSCN IM, despite knowing the popular demand of the people which is “peace” and “settlement” and also “the lack of political will and insincerity on the part of the GoI, who is only eyeing to install a full-fledged BJP government in the state of Nagaland, a Christian dominated state.”

He states that if there is any higher vision than what they have signed and GoI is willing than well and good however, the reality remains that GoI is adamant and NSCN IM will have a difficult time changing the mind of GoI on what has been already agreed and signed upon.

K.Therie also expressed shock and states that it is a complete betrayal to the Naga people as the facilitators instead of presenting the four point resolution to the GoI adopted on 16 July 2022, by the Core Committee on Naga political issue, the Chief Minister of the state brought a 20-40 seat sharing agreement of BJP & NDPP, with a commitment for merger with the BJP after the 2023 elections.

“They have not taken the agreement to Delhi, they brought the seat sharing agreement trying to hasten up with Gujarat elections, this is a complete betrayal. That is why I say it will be a referendum”, said Therie and adds, “people will have to take the final decision, not only money and power, but it has to be a political will, than only people will see the change but with the present Rio led government they have no hope.”

Further, he says on the 7th anniversary of signing the framework agreement, NSCN IM should address the aspirations of the people and feel the popular demand.

“Anybody in democracy going against the popular demand will be rejected by the popular, it will not be good for anyone. NSCN IM should also work out seriously”, he said.

Meanwhile, Elu Ndang, Gen. Secretary Naga Hoho said, the signing of the Framework agreement gave a lot of hope to the Naga people, celebrations across the Naga homeland were witnessed hoping that the final settlement will take place between the Naga people and GoI. However, unfortunately even after a lapse of 7 years of signing the Agreement, the solution that everyone anticipated for remains distant.

Ndang, raised concerns that if this continues than the level of trust and confidence between the Naga people and GoI will be disturbed, making it a difficult task for the GoI to regain the confidence of the Naga people.

Notably, Elu said, Nagas have been time and again appealing to the GoI to resolve the Naga issue based on the principle of the Framework agreement however, owing to the different narratives of the Framework agreement from the side of the Naga negotiators and the GoI has only led to further confusion.

According to him, the only way forward to bring a solution is through mutual respect and living up to the spirits of the agreement which was agreed upon by both the Naga people and the GoI. However, if GoI is to adopt the divide and rule policy by creating confusion amongst the Naga people, we see no solution through this attitude.

Furthermore, Ndang raised hope that BJP, the strongest party in the country will take a political decision to resolve the long pending Indo Naga political issue in the interest of the people and the GoI and stand by its 2018 general election commitment “election for solution”.


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