9th Naga Loin Loom Festival builds stronger ecosystem for weavers’ community

Chümoukedima: Keeping tradition alive is worth more than gold, silver or money, as traditional custom is our identity: NMA President

BY | Friday, 8 December, 2023

The 9th Naga Loin Loom Festival was held from 6th- 7th December 2023 at Weavers place, Diezephe Village, Chümoukedima, under a theme “Livelihood through Traditions”. The festival was organized by Excotic Echo Society in collaboration with Nagaland Tourism, Hornbill Festival, Department of Art & Culture and Department of Industries & Commerce, DIPR informed.

Vitono Haralu, social activist and Secretary, Excotic Echo Society, informed that Naga Loin Loom Festival is celebrated to create a platform for the weavers to find their voices and see what kind of help they need and what they can offer and together with that exchange build a stronger ecosystem of the weaver’s community.

The Weavers Dialogue discussed topics such as “Should weaving be inclusive for Naga men folk participation?”, “Weavers fair wage, and way forward to address the sustenance of the Art of weaving in the State”. Haralu pointed out that these topics are discussed as the art is dying out and somehow slowly, a lot of women are not interested in engaging in traditional weaving which is a growing trend across the world and not only in Nagaland.

She mentioned that the Weavers Dialogue is to carry the voices of the small community of weavers to those who hold power in the State so that weavers are included in government policies.

President Naga Mothers Association, Vilanuo Angela Yhome, speaking on the concluding day of the Naga Loin Loom Festival, stressed on the need to understand the importance of keeping traditional customs of the community alive. She appreciated the women and mothers for their commendable work they are doing for the future generation. She said keeping the tradition alive is worth more than gold, silver or money, as traditional custom is our identity – an identity that defines our tribes, culture, tradition and custom.

Yhome pointed that modern technology and machines can produce faster and cheaper and expressed concerns that traditional skill will no longer have an identity. She therefore urged the weavers to keep the traditional skills alive by preserving and not giving away to mass production.

Further, Yhome added that time has change, children are out to schools, to find jobs and there is no time to sit and learn or train from elders but it is the responsibility of the parents to guide the children and teach them so that the tradition and culture are carry forward for generation to come.

Ten weavers participated in the Naga Loin Loom Festival 2023 Weaving Competition where the winners were evaluated on three rounds and counting of how much were weaved. The winners were Vekulü, Mulutolü Lipu and Vesevolü Chuzho in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively. The winners were given a cash prize of Rs 4000, Rs 3000 and Rs 2000 each.

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