Aghunato Government Higher Secondary School commemorates World Environment Day

Zunheboto: AGHSS focuses on adopting a healthy lifestyle, sustainable food systems, waste reduction, energy conservation, water conservation, and eliminating single-use plastics

BY | Wednesday, 5 June, 2024

The Aghunato Government Higher Secondary School (AGHSS) marked World Environment Day with a series of engaging activities, emphasising the importance of environmental conservation on the 5th June, 2024. The event was organised by the Eco Club AGHSS, as part of their Summer Camp, under the overarching theme of  “Mission Life.” Kumar Uma Shankar, Principal of AGHSS, inaugurated the celebration by addressing the students on the significance of environmental conservation and the need for a collective effort to protect our planet.

The celebration featured various activities designed to foster environmental awareness and action among students. In view of this, a cleanliness drive was conducted, wherein, students and staff collaborated to clean the school premises and surrounding areas. This was followed by a gardening session, where participants planted various saplings to enhance the greenery of the campus.

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A plantation drive was also held, with students enthusiastically planting trees and learning about their benefits for the environment. A nature walk allowed participants to connect with nature and understand the local biodiversity. Additionally, a craft-making competition using sustainable resources encouraged students to showcase their creativity while promoting eco-friendly practices.

Kumar Uma Shankar highlighted the importance of such initiatives, stating, “Environmental conservation is not just an individual responsibility but a collective one. By engaging in these activities, our students are learning the value of preserving our natural resources and adopting sustainable practices that will benefit future generations.”

The event concluded with a pledge by students and staff to continue their efforts towards a healthier and more sustainable environment.


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