Annual Eucharistic procession held in Kohima Village, 42 differently-abled from Kerala joins procession


BY | Monday, 24 June, 2024

On Sunday, June 23, Christ King Parish Kohima conducted the annual Eucharistic procession in Kohima Village. The event started at 3pm from L Khel of Kohima Village, and concluded at 5pm in  Christ King church.

About 1000 people took part in the procession including over 200 from the neighbouring villages and 42 from Kerala.

Catholics believe that during the Mass when the priest utters the consecration words, as spoken by Jesus at His last supper, the substances of the bread and wine change into the body and blood of Jesus Christ. There are over 32000 miracles recorded all over the world proving this substance change.

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This year in Mount Carmel church, Chümoukedima, on 28 March, it has been reported that such an event took place when the water, into which a consecrated host was put, turned bloody.  Since 1264 there have been processions celebrating, honouring and adoring the Body and Blood of Christ.

Christ King parish after a gap of many years restarted the practice last year. This year the procession witnessed a solemn and increased participation.

A significant part of the procession was the participation of 42 differently-abled people from Kerala, of whom 20 were in wheelchairs.


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