Ao Senden, AWUMT give five days ultimatum to fix Mokokchung district’s deplorable roads

Mokokchung: NHIDCL directs engineers to take up work on only the roads entrusted to them

BY | Thursday, 14 September, 2023
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The Ao Senden and All ward union Mokokchung town (AWUMT) expressed their “strong resentment” towards the dilapidated road conditions in Mokokchung district during a co-ordination meeting convened by Thsuvisie Phoji, NCS, Deputy Commissioner, Mokokchung on 12 September 2023.

The meeting was held with the NHIDCL, PWD(NH) PWD(R&B), Ao Senden and representatives of AWUMT to deliberate on the ongoing maintenance work of roads within Mokokchung district.

In the event, the representatives of Ao Senden and AWUMT served an ultimatum to the to repair the roads within five days from 12 September and make them motorable. The organisations stated that “democratic agitation” would be initiated if the demand is not fulfilled.

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DC Thsuvisie Phoji, NCS had earlier highlighted the “deplorable road condition within the Mokokchung district” and stressed that it was “imperative that the road should be all weathered road and motorable throughout the year” given that the district is the “nerve centre” for the entire neighbouring districts.

The Executive Engineer, PWD (NH) highlighted the failure of the EPC Contractor i.e., Trident Enterprise in completing the work despite repeated appeal by the Project Monitoring Group. He apprised the members that the department is yet to take over the maintenance work project

from the NHIDCL.

NHIDCL engineers, in defence, stated that they had been directed by their head office not to take up any sort of work except those roads entrusted to them. Under this direction, they had to immediately cease work at NH 702 D, the engineers said. They also informed that the maintenance work project for this stretch of road is being foreclosed and in the process of handing it over to the parent department (PWD).

Ao Senden and AWUMT’s ultimatum expires on 17 September 2023 (Sunday).

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