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From Customary Law to Constitutional Rights: Eastern Naga People’s Unified Pursuit of Frontier Nagaland Territory

Author: Dr. Aniruddha Babar, Senior Faculty, Dept of Political Science, Tetso College, Dimapur, Nagaland. Director, Project Constitutional Justice In the annals of political theory, the agency of individual choice and collective conscience is often highlighted as a pivotal force

/ 10 Jun, 2024

CHENMOHO: From a Village on the Margins to Torchbearer of the FNT Movement

Situated within the Chen Circle of Mon District at approximately 26.1961° N latitude and 95.0547° E longitude, Nagaland, lies the village of Chenmoho, an enclave distinguished by its awe-inspiring mountainous terrain and serene landscapes. Against this picturesque setting, the

/ 20 May, 2024

Traversing the Ethereal Threshold: Walking In the Twilight of ‘Infinity’

“In the complex quest to understand the mysteries of the universe, we find ourselves navigating a journey fraught with challenges. It’s like we’re trying to unravel an intricate puzzle where our perception of reality meets the profound complexities of

/ 13 May, 2024

From Marginalisation to Mobilisation: The Rise of the Frontier Nagaland Territory Movement

Amidst the diverse spectrum of political engagement and social activism, the Frontier Nagaland Territory movement emerges as a poignant symbol of the persistent pursuit for socio-economic and political rights. It embodies a commitment to constitutional justice, epitomised by the

/ 06 May, 2024

“Ontological Exegesis: A Hermeneutical Analysis of the Frontier Nagaland Territory Movement and Its Implications for Democratic Praxis”

Tuensang: Movement serves as potent reminder of enduring struggle for democratic governance and constitutional justice in postcolonial societies

/ 03 May, 2024


Tuensang: ENPO’s resolve to abstain from election-related activities is not merely a tactical maneuver but a strategic assertion of their political agency and collective rights

/ 08 Apr, 2024

Crying Valleys, Silent Hills: Eastern Nagaland’s Emotional Call to Belong in India’s Success Anthem

Dimapur: Roads of progress must traverse challenging terrains of Eastern Nagaland, bringing with them promise of brighter future

/ 02 Feb, 2024

Inequity Unveiled: Eastern Naga Aspirations and the ceaseless Fight for Constitutional Redemption

Dimapur: FNT movement is a collective yearning for a constitutional paradigm that reflects true spirit of democracy

/ 11 Nov, 2023

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