Chang Students’ Conference writes to DTE on Sao Chang College, Tuensang

Tuensang: College, since inception, has been facing shortage of teaching faculties

BY | Monday, 11 September, 2023

Chang Wedoshi Setshang (Chang Students’ Conference), has submitted a memorandum to the Director, Directorate of Technical Education on matters of immediate concern at Sao Chang College in Tuensang, the only government college in the district.

The Sao Chang College Students’ Union has been agitating since end of August over various issues being faced by the college, particularly the students.

The Chang Students’ Conference, in solidarity with SCCSU, stated that the grievances of the college and the students were genuine and needs to be addressed at the earliest.

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Following are the demands of CWS as stated in the memorandum.

1. Deployment of Principal: The Soa Chang College has been functioning without principal for almost four years till date. (A principal was deployed for just 8/9 months and transferred without replacement) the College is functioning without principal for couple of years till date which has created a lot of untold hardships in the functioning of the college administration. Therefore, the deployment of Principal at Sao Chang College is the immediate need of an hour.

2. Shortage of Teaching Faculties: The Sao Chang College being one of the oldest colleges in Nagaland has a commendable number of students enrolment. Whereas, since the inception of the college till date, the college has been facing shortage of teaching faculties. The college has served several representations to the department pertaining to the issue (Enclosed in annexure 1. Representation submitted by the college Vide Ref No. SCC/Gen/6/55. Dated 25th May, 2023 and Ref No. THE/11-2/2004 dt 6th Nov, 06 Enclosed in annexure-2) however, the concern department has not showed any signs of positive respose towards the genuine needs of the college. Therefore, the Conference once again lays down the following points regarding the shortage of teaching faculties at the college.

Immediate needs of teaching Faculty in Arts Stream.

(a) Three Assistant Professors in English department

(b) Two Assistant professors in Political Science department

(c) One Assistant Professors in Economics department

Immediate needs of teaching Faculties in Science Stream

(a) Three assistant professors in Math department.

(b) Two Assistant Professors in Zoology department.

(c) Two Assistant Professors in Physics department

(d) One Assistant Professor in Botany department

(e) One Assistant Professor in Chemistry department

Immediate needs in Non-Teaching staff:

With regard to the requirement of employees in the non-teaching staffs the college has serve representations to the Department.

Enclosed in annexure-3: Representations submitted by the College Vide Ref No. SCC/ACTT-3/PL/ dated 16th Nov, 2019

(a) Assistant Librarian

(b) Library Attendant

3. Immediate allocation of college bus: The Conference would like to draw your attention regarding the shortage of college buses. The College is situated 7 kilometres away from Tuensang Town and with a huge number of students enrolment (668 stds), the faculties and students faces untold hardship in attending the college. Currently the college has only four buses which is outdated and is in the verge of collapse, those buses which can allot a maximum of 150 students. However, the capacity of one bus is 35-40 sitters whereas, due to its adequate shortage, it carries beyond its capacity (i.e 76-80 stds per bus). It is to be noted that, due to the unavailability of buses, some students could not even write the recently conducted internal exam. Till date the College is running on alternate class system and as a result the students and the teaching faculties cannot cope up with the syllabus. Hence, the immediate allocation of buses at Sao Chang College should be the most priority.

4. Up-gradation of Science Laboratory: The introduction of NEP and CBCS has bestowed a light over the education system today. With its new initiative, the students to opt for major paper a must. However, with the shortage of teaching faculties and with the non-availability of lab equipment, the college cannot provide major subject to the students.”

The Chang Students’ Conference appealed the Department of Technical Education to initiate prompt and necessary actions on or before 20th September 2023 while also adding “Failing to which, the Conference shall be forced to serve Ultimatum.”

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