Chang Students Union Saksi observe Cultural Day 2024

Tuensang: Students encouraged to preserve, value and respect their cultural identity

BY | Tuesday, 9 January, 2024

The Chang Students Union Saksi observed Cultural Day 2024 on 8th January 2023 under the theme “Hipshean”, to promote “a sense of identity” among the students and youths.

At the program held at SCC Ground, NAP Saksi, Tuensang, Thongchingkhumla, Cultural Secretary, CSU Saksi, elucidated that the theme “Hipshean” means “side by side” or “abreast”. She said that in today’s generation students are getting good education in schools and colleges but many of the students are not being able to balance one’s own culture and encouraged all the students to preserve, value and respect their cultural identity.

B Asenla Chang spoke on the topic “Forefathers’ Way of Marriage’ and also childbirth and the importance of giving care to pregnant women.

Earlier the program was chaired by M Yemlongchaba, invocation was pronounced by M Lemba, Church Secratary, SBL Saksi. This program was followed by competition on Chang anthem and cultural dance.

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