CPO directs Chakhesang villages to plant 500 ‘indigenous species well suited for local ecosystem’ on World Environment Day

BY | Sunday, 26 May, 2024

On account of World Environment Day (June 5), the Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) has directed all the Chakhesang villages to organize its own event and plant a minimum of 500 trees, focusing on indigenous species that are well-suited to the local ecosystem.

A press release issued by President Vezuhu Keyho on May 25 reminded on the resolution by the Executive Council of the Chakhesang Public Organisation which was unanimously adopted to strive to maintain ecological balance. “Henceforth, Tree Plantation drive will be organized every year on June 5 coinciding with the World Environment Day, involving the entire community”.

“This decision is crucial in our collective effort to conserve and protect our environment, and contribute to building a more sustainable world,” stated the press release.

In this regard, the CPO directed all Chakhesang villages to participate in this noble endeavour by organizing tree plantation drives within their respective jurisdiction on World Environment Day, which falls on June 5. The villages along the highways has been additionally tasked to organize maintenance activities such as weeding and protection for the trees planted last year.

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Furthermore, the CPO urged village leaders to mobilize resources and actively engage community members including youth and student bodies, women associations and local self-help groups to ensure the success of this initiative.

“Let us join hands to make a meaningful impact on our environment and leave a legacy for generations to come,” stated the CPO.

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