DC Longleng releases District Strategic Plan for TB Free Longleng

Longleng: CMO Longleng, Dr Obangjungla informed that Longleng is the first district to release the District Strategic Plan for TB Free District in the State

BY | Monday, 29 August, 2022


The District Health Society and National TB Elimination Programme Longleng has come up with the ‘District Strategic Plan for TB Free Longleng’ which was officially released by the Deputy Commissioner, Longleng, Dharam Raj IAS on 26 August 2022 at DC’s Conference Hall, Longleng.

After releasing the Plan, Dharam Raj in his speech congratulated the District Health Society and National TB Elimination Programme, Longleng for coming up with the strategic plan for TB Free Longleng by 2025, and extended gratitude to the medical team for their special initiative and concern for the people of Longleng, adding that it is a fortunate day for the district.

The DC pointed out that a strategic plan is required before any battle and similarly, an elimination action plan is essential to achieve a complete eradication of the disease from the district. Therefore, he appealed to the stakeholders to come forward and extend their cooperation and support to the medical team in carrying out the strategic plan smoothly to achieve the goal. The strategic plan is not only for the present but also for our future generation, he maintained.  He also stated that due to prolonged use of medication for TB treatment, some patients avoid/skip regular medication leading to drug-resistant TB or extremely drug-resistant TB, threatening and ending their life. In this regard, he informed the medical team to give proper instruction and awareness to TB patients.

CMO, Longleng, Dr Obangjungla informed that Longleng is the first district to release the District Strategic Plan for TB Free District in the State, and acknowledged the sincere efforts of District TB Officer, Longleng, Dr Temsusashi. She informed that due to stigmatization, people seldom come forward for TB testing when approached, and suggested transparency in carrying out the strategic plan. She also highlighted the incentives and other benefits provided by the government to TB patients besides free testing and treatment.

Medical Superintendent, District Hospital Longleng in his short speech, asserted that the medical team alone cannot achieve the target without the active participation and support of the churches, NGOs and civil societies. He informed that mass awareness is required from all the stakeholders to disseminate to their respective community down to the grassroot level to fulfill the plan.

Delivering the keynote address, Dr Temsusashi, the chairperson, informed that the alarming figure of morbidity and mortality of TB in India gave birth to the Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) pilot project in 1993. Later, in 1997, RNTCP was launched as a national programme with a plan to scale up in a phase manner covering the entire country by 2006. Meanwhile, the Central TB Division, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has developed the National Strategic Plan to end TB by 2025. He also highlighted the District Objects and Strategy Plan of the district.

The welcome address was proposed by Dr Temsusashi and the vote of thanks was given by Henmei Phom, TB Health Visitor (NTEP), Longleng.



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