DCC Mokokchung ‘Victory Celebration and Thanksgiving Cum Ticket Distribution Programme’ held

Mokokchung: 5 candidates from Municipal, 6 from town council in Mokokchung district get Congress Ticket

BY | Saturday, 8 June, 2024

The District Congress Committee Mokokchung organised the ‘Victory Celebration and Thanksgiving Cum Ticket Distribution Programme’ at a Resort (Yimchalu) in commemoration of the victory of INC candidate S Supongmeren Jamir, who has been elected to represent Nagaland in the Lok Sabha.

Handing over of INC Tickets for ULB election was also conducted in the same programme. This was presided by Toshipokba, Convenor of the ULB Election Committee, who announced that there are five Candidates from the Municipal and six candidates from the town council in Mokokchung district who have received the Congress Party Ticket to contest in the ULB election. Toshipokba extended an invitation for anyone interested in the Congress party ticket to join.

Toshipokba also revealed that three tickets for Municipal had been distributed during the candidates’ declaration program, while two tickets for Municipal and six tickets for town council were awarded to various candidates during the event.

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Expressing happiness at the candidates’ decision to contest through the Congress Party, Toshipokba remarked that they had joined at an opportune moment, citing dissatisfaction with the present government and the desire for change among the Nagas. He encouraged the candidates to strive for their best and work towards forming the government in 2028.

Lanusanen, VP DCC, in his welcome and introductory remarks, expressed astonishment at the victory, stating that they had not anticipated such success for a long time. He congratulated all party members for their contributions, attributing the victory to God’s presence and blessings. Lanusanen emphasized the significance of the occasion, declaring it a Thanksgiving program, and welcomed everyone on behalf of the DCC office. He asserted that the party members were history makers whose efforts would be recognized in the future, expressing confidence in a bright future if they remained united and diligent.

President DCC, Watimongba Aier, delivered a word of gratitude, followed by brief speeches from the Advisor DCC, DMCC, and representatives of various ACCs. Nukshi I Ozukum, Secretary, DCC, chaired the program, while the Chairman of the Minority Department, DCC, led the invocation. A Special Number by DYC was performed, concluding with a Thanksgiving prayer by the masses.

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