Deputy Commissioner of Noklak Issues Circular on Unauthorized Inner Line Permit Issuance

Noklak: Village Councils and Ward Authorities Directed to Comply with District Administration’s Authority

BY | Tuesday, 25 July, 2023

Deputy Commissioner Arikumba of Noklak has issued a circular in response to reports of some Village Councils and Ward Authorities taking it upon themselves to issue or enforce Inner Line Permit (ILP) without the mandate or knowledge of the state government. The circular deems such actions as illegal and emphasizes that the enforcement and regulation of ILP is an exclusive matter under the jurisdiction of the District Administration, in accordance with the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873, DIPR informed.

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In light of this, the Deputy Commissioner has sternly directed all Village Councils and Ward Authorities to refrain from engaging in any activities related to the issuance of ILPs or any other related matters. He underlines that the subject of ILPs solely falls under the purview of the District Administration. The circular urges strict compliance with this directive to ensure the proper and lawful enforcement of Inner Line Permits in the region.

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