District Hospital Tuensang spreads awareness of viral hepatitis on World Hepatitis Day

Tuensang: Across the globe, around 10 lakh individuals are affected by hepatitis every year

BY | Friday, 28 July, 2023

With an aim to spreading awareness of the viral hepatitis among the citizens, World Hepatitis Day was observed at Tuensang District Hospital on Friday under the theme “One Life One Liver”.

Speaking as the keynote speaker, Dr Senilo Magh, Junior specialist, District Hospital Tuensang said that liver is an integral organ of our body which performs and functions in all the major aspects which is essential for health and life. He mentioned that viral hepatitis makes a person vulnerable as hepatitis when untreated can lead to various complications like liver failure and cancer, but the disease is also preventable through vaccines, and treatable and even curable in case of Hepatitis C.

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Dr Magh also informed that across the globe, around 10 lakh individuals are being affected every year with one succumbing to its complication every 30 seconds. The government of India through its, National Viral Hepatitis Control Program (NVHCP) is reaching out for viral load testing as well as providing free medication for Hepatitis B and C, he added.

Dr Kemhieneinuo Linyü, theme speaker, related upon the types of hepatitis, the mode of transmission of hepatitis which differs relating upon its type. She also explained that the high risk population, especially in certain treatment in special populations like HIV, TB patients are co-infected with Hepatitis C.

Earlier, the program was chaired by Changsang while the invocation was delivered by Kamchila, Chaplain, District Hospital Tuensang.

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