Foundation stone laid for People’s College Mokokchung’s new campus: Emphasis on education and community empowerment

Mokokchung: All subjects will be provided so that students will not need to go to other places in search of education, says Metsubo Jamir

BY | Monday, 19 February, 2024

Laying of Foundation Stone of People’s College Mokokchung (New Campus) was held at Community Hall, Mongsenbai Ward, Mokokchung with Imkong L Imchen, Advisor, Information & Public Relation, Soil and Water Conservation as the Chief Guest.

Speaking at the program, the Advisor reminisced about how the college’s formation took place in 1979, during the golden jubilee celebration of the Ao Kaketshir Mungdang (Ao Students’ Conference) at Longkhum village. He highlighted that the formation of the college was the number one resolution of the jubilee. Imchen expressed gratitude to the management for bringing the college to its present stage.

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He expressed hope that the college will maintain high standards and progress to new heights. He stressed the importance of community contribution to the successful establishment and functioning of the college, emphasizing the implementation of all available academic technology for the students.

Imchen remarked on the concept of wealth, stating that there are two aspects: gaining much and giving much to uplift society and its people. He commended Metsübo Jamir and his family, led by his late father N.I Jamir, the first IAS officer from the Ongpangkong range and the first Chief Secretary among the Ao’s, for their contributions and focus on academics.

Earlier Advisor for Information and Public Relations, Soil and Water Conservation, Imkong L Imchen, laid the foundation stone for the new campus of People’s College, Mongsenbai Ward, Mokokchung.

Minister for the Rural Department, Metsubo Jamir, while speaking on behalf of the new management, emphasized that the true meaning of development is not just infrastructure but, more importantly, human resources. He stated that today is dedicated to the development of Human Resources in Mokokchung. He highlighted the importance of empowering the people of Mokokchung, particularly the Ao community, through education.

In line with his late father N I Jamir’s vision, the family is committed to investing in education, including reviving a private college and supporting a school, to ensure the fulfillment of their educational aspirations for the Ao people and contribute to the nation’s progress.

He assured that all subjects will be provided so that students will not need to go to other places in search of education but can access education at their doorsteps. Reflecting on oneself is crucial, he emphasized, and understanding what an individual can contribute is important, which essentially amounts to human resources. Starting this college, reviving such colleges to provide a platform for students, Jamir encouraged parents, stating that there is a good vision for the youngsters.

Jamir highlighted that Ao citizens established this college in 1984, hence the name “People’s College”. He acknowledged the important roles played by the governing body, teachers, parents, and the community, but emphasized that the most crucial role is played by the students. He encouraged students to seize the opportunities as the college opens its doors with more opportunities and a different system, which is also aimed at assisting economically disadvantaged students and meeting their needs.

The program was chaired, and the welcome address was delivered by Dr T Amongla, Principal of People’s College. The Dedicatory Prayer was delivered by Dr R Zülur Jamir, Associate Pastor at Kumlong Baptist Arogo. Imtidongba Jamir, Aola, Tatar, Kosasanger Puso Ungma, and Marnungsang, Chairman of Mongsenbai Ward, also delivered short speeches. Amongla LK, Vice Principal of People’s College, delivered the vote of thanks, while Sentiyanger, Pastor of Ngati Baptist Church, pronounced the benediction.

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