Friday Bazaar – a weekly market – launched at Zunheboto Town

Zunheboto: President of Zunheboto Range Students’ Union ZRSU said the bazaar was initiated to provide local entrepreneurs a platform to exhibit country-grown organic edibles and to showcase craftsmanship

BY | Friday, 9 September, 2022

The Zunheboto Town Weekly Market (Friday Bazaar) was officially inaugurated today at Town Hall in Zunheboto town. The weekly market has been initiated by the Zunheboto Range Students’ Union (ZRSU).

President Sumi Kükami Hoho Kashito Yeputhomi inaugurated the weekly market.

Yeputhomi congratulated the ZRSU team for taking the initiative and opening the weekly market for the benefit of the people around Zunheboto. He said this is a good initiative to promote local entrepreneurs from a grassroot level and appealed to the buyers to continue encouraging the local vendors by buying organic edibles from the weekly market.

Delivering the introductory speech, President ZRSU Gihuka Zhimo said the purpose of Friday Bazaar is to provide local entrepreneurs a platform to exhibit country-grown organic edibles and also to showcase craftsmanship. He pointed out that the price value of abundantly grown organic vegetables is being forgotten, and encouraged all sellers to maintain the same price rate. He added that the union also aims to create awareness of self-sustainability in society.

Small and local businesses play an important role in local economies. They bring growth and innovation to the community in which they operate and can further boost economic growth by providing employment opportunities to people.

The weekly Market will be open every Friday at Town Hall, therefore the citizens are informed to avail the opportunity to shop and trade through this establishment.


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