Grand celebration of 38th Longtrok Senden Ungma Cultural Show showcases rich Ao heritage

Mokokchung: Event cherishes age-old traditions, bridges gap between tradition and fast-changing world

BY | Tuesday, 1 August, 2023

The Longtrok Senden Ungma marked a remarkable milestone with its 38th edition of the Cultural Extravaganza, an awe-inspiring display of the Ao community’s cultural heritage. The vibrant event took place at Yimtsüngta Arok Sapang, Ungma on July 31 featuring traditional folk songs, alluring dances, and captivating short plays inspired by Ao folklores.

Imyapangla Jamir, the Special Guest and Project Officer of the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA), Mokokchung emphasized the significance of such cultural events in preserving and promoting heritage. She praised the organizing committee for their commendable efforts in organizing such a grand program, providing a platform for young individuals to connect with their roots and learn about their culture and traditions.

She highlighted the need for cultural exchange programs with students from Nagaland engaging in cross-cultural interactions to foster understanding and appreciation of diverse traditions. Culture serves as a bridge between generations, reminding people of their values and historical experiences, Jamir stated. She also added that the importance of preserving cultural identity in the face of rapid modernization and globalization was underscored throughout the event.

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Further, she maintained that the celebration also serves as a way to attract tourists, generating revenue and employment opportunities for the community. By preserving historical places and encouraging community participation, the event contributes to the promotion of traditional attire, education, and cultural heritage, Jamir said.

Under the umbrella of Longtrok Senden, various cultural clubs participated with enthusiasm, uniting people of all ages in celebration and talent showcase. The audience was treated to a visual spectacle of cultural expressions that have been cherished through generations.

The cultural show featured the following folk songs and dances performed by the Oriental Club, United Soyim Club, Tongpu Pur, Season Star Ungma, Salukum Rogo Ungma, Young Naga Club, Evergreen Club, Nentong Rogo, and Longtrok Senden Ungma: Kongshir Ken, Kongshir Yar Tsüngsang, Masem Ken, Amen Ken, Mayang Rogo, Antipong Rara, Kongshir Ken, Metsüng Araba, Tsük Asenba Tsük Asenba, Sangpang Atuba, and Kongshir Yar Tsüngsang.

The dedication of Longtrok Senden to this cultural extravaganza for the past 38 years exemplifies their mission to exhibit, celebrate, and impart the importance of preserving the precious cultural heritage that defines the Ao people. The event not only cherishes age-old traditions but also bridges the gap between tradition and the fast-changing world.

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