K Therie says Manipur CM Biren Singh responsible for mayhem in State, must be stopped

Kohima: Therie says duty of political leaders to rise up together, put their heads together to resolve the problem

BY | Saturday, 10 June, 2023
Former Nagaland Congress President K Therie

Former Nagaland Congress President K Therie on Saturday alleged Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh of being responsible for the loss of nearly 100 lives and the suffering of tens of thousands of civilians for no fault of theirs.

Therie in his statement stated that hills’ MLAs coming forward with proposals for peace is welcome however, to bring a peaceful solution, CM N Biren Singh must be “stopped from conducting mayhem” in Manipur, he said.

Stating that Singh has lost command over Kukis, Therie said, “he has also lost command and respect of all sensible citizens. His continuation will only worsen the situation. If not, you are a party to crimes against humanity.”

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Therie stated Naga MLAs meeting Union Home Minister Amit Shah with the demand “not to touch Hill areas in the event of arranging separate Administration for Kukis”, conveys ‘no objection’ to creation of separate administration, which implies disintegration of Manipur State.

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He said, “this is because as per the Constitution, there cannot be separate administration without UT or State. The delegates’ message is silent about the demand for tribal status by Meites. It means the delegates approve the granting of Scheduled Tribe status to Meites. And the third issue, Nagas of Manipur will be within Manipur State, if not relocated in the ongoing peace process.”

“I stand corrected if my analysis on the statement are wrong,” he added.

Further, Therie also pointed out that investigation teams are to bring criminals to book, but they cannot resolve the political issues and to thus, he said it is the duty of political leaders to rise up together, put their heads together to resolve the problem.

“We want restoration of peace. We wish leaders and thinkers sit across the tables and realign the discrepancies if any. Protect each other’s interests,” the former Nagaland Congress President said.

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