Karnataka polls: Congress chief Kharge says people have voted “furiously” against BJP’s ‘bad’ administration

Bengaluru: Kharge says Congress’ good show is a “Janata Janardhana Victory”

BY | Saturday, 13 May, 2023
Congress Party supporters celebrate in Karnataka on 13 May 2023

AICC President Mallikarjun Kharge on Saturday termed Congress’ good show in the Karnataka Assembly polls as a victory of “Janata Janardhana”, saying people have voted “furiously” against BJP’s “bad administration” in the state.

He said all the newly elected Congress legislators have been asked to reach here by this evening and the due process of the government formation will be followed.

“We have sent a message to everyone (newly elected persons) to come by this evening. They all will come here by this evening and once they come, they will be instructed on the due course. After that, the high command will send observers (and) after that the due processes (for government formation) will follow,” he told reporters here.

Congress’ good show was a “Janata Janardhana Victory”, he said, crediting the people for the party’s apparent return to power as it established a clear lead ahead of its rival BJP.

The counting of votes polled in the May 10 Assembly elections in the state was taken up on Saturday.

“People themselves have got up and supported us, they have voted for us furiously against the bad administration. This shows voters of Karnataka are awakened. Despite the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi), Home Minister (Amit Shah), dozens of Ministers, Chief Ministers of other states camping here, and despite manpower, money and muscle being used, people have unitedly voted for Congress,” he added.

Congratulating those who have won, the AICC President said people support good work; whether victorious or defeated, one should stay amidst them and work in a democracy.

Complimenting the Congress’ entire state leadership and party office bearers and workers, he said, “every one has worked unitedly which has got us this results. People have also responded to it. Also our guarantees have worked, as the poor and downtrodden have voted for us.”

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Senior Congress party leader P Chidambaram on Saturday congratulated the state’s people for a “decisive verdict” and said they stood up to the “money and muscle power of the so-called double engine government” of the BJP.

“Warm congratulations and sincere thanks to the people of Karnataka for delivering a decisive verdict. This election was more than an election to a state assembly. It was about upholding the fundamental values of the Indian Constitution and stopping the damage done by supremacist theories, discrimination and prejudice,” Chidambaram said on Twitter.

The people of Karnataka have stood up to the “money and muscle power of the so-called double engine government of the BJP”, the former Union minister said and added that they have shown a glorious way to the rest of the country.

“Karnataka, which is one of our more advanced states, can now forge ahead and occupy the top ranks in economic development and human development indicators. My congratulations to the warriors of the KPCC who fought a valiant battle and emerged victorious,” Chidambaram said.

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