Kiphire DEO says new building of GHS Singrep Village will foster better growth, learning

Kiphire: Sr SDEO Kiphire urges teachers and students to sincerely work hand in hand in the pursuit of education

BY | Tuesday, 6 June, 2023

The new building of Government High School, Singrep Village, Kiphire district was inaugurated at Singrep village on Tuesday by Kiphire District Education Officer, Deenabandhu Panda. The new building, constructed under Samagra Shiksha Scheme replaces the old one that was built in 1966.

During the formal program, chief guest DEO Panda asserted that the new building will be a place for better growth and learning. He informed that the new building was made at a cost of around 80 Lakhs and requested the village bodies to assist in checking the quality of the construction and if it has been built according to the Detailed project report (DPR).

Deenabandhu Panda, DEO, Kiphire

Panda encouraged the stakeholders to be sincere in utilising the school property to its full capacity.

Regretting the lack of teachers in government school, he said that the education department is helpless due to poor financial condition. He pointed out that Nagaland Government is wholly dependent on Central funds and excessive appointments in various departments is adding to the already existing burden.

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“I will try my best to address the need for mathematics and english teacher for the school,” the DEO assured and stressed on the cooperation between government and local bodies in order to bring about quality education in the district.

“Public and village local bodies cooperation can foster growth for quality education,” Panda said.

He also reminded the School Management and Developments Committee (SMDC) to take strict action towards those teachers who are not carrying out their responsibilities sincerely.


Hosito Elisa, Sr SDEO Kiphire encouraged all to sincerely take up the importance on matters of education and dedicated the new building for a brighter future of the students community.

“This new belongs to you and me and so it is our responsibility to be a good caretaker,” Elisa said.

He also stressed on practicing cleanliness and sanitation in and out of the school campus creating a better environment for all to learn together. Teachers and students should work hand in hand in the pursuit of education both the students and teachers should be sincere and regular at all times carrying out their responsibilities accordingly, Elisa added.

He also encouraged the students to be competent in all aspects of education be it sports, academic and performance and said that they were no different from students studying in private schools and urged them to challenge themselves to be better persons.

The Sr SDEO Kiphire also reminded the teachers that their responsibilities are of noble value to humanity.

Kiuchum, chairman of Village Council, Singrep made an appeal to the DEO and education department for continued intervention in the needs of the school.

Students of GHS Singrep presenting a song on 6 June 2023

Island Peace Yangtsaba, president Singrep Yangdong Suro Ashimükhong (SYSA) in his speech stressed that the new building was not constructed by whims and wishes but rather, it was a serious investment of the government towards the future of education and so one should try one’s best to usher in new vision and new dreams and not stick to the old ones.

Spending huge amount towards the needs of students and teachers should not go in vain, Yangtsaba cautioned while urging the school staff to continue giving their tireless effort as they did in the past.

“Be obedient and sincere in their quest for knowledge as one day in future you will be in the seat of our chief guest,” Yangtsaba further encouraged the students.

He also said, “No power can stop us to become the best government school in the State if we all give our sincere efforts.”

The Singrep Students’ Union also highly appreciated the State government and education department in the construction of the much-needed space for the students. The Union also reminded to the students that they should take up this opportunity and learn from every little thing taught in school from teachers and friends.

Tsakhongse A Sangtam, Head Teacher, GHS Singrep

Tsakhongse A Sangtam, Head Teacher, GHS Singrep lauded the DEO for always been there for the school in times of need. He informed that GHS Singrep has a total of 177 students, the highest enrolment among rural government schools in the district.

The Head Teacher also mentioned that a Pre-Montessori teacher was provided to the school under the leadership of DEO Panda.

Sharing deep concern for the urgent requirement of Mathematics and English teacher as without them the school will never be able to meet its objective to be upgraded to High School i.e. Class 10. He also stressed on the need for Headmaster/ Assistant Head Master in the school is a must to assist the needs of students and its activities.

The programme was led by Setsapila PT, GHS, Singrep, a special song was presented by the students while vote of thanks was delivered by R Daniel, GT.

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