Kiphiremart app launched on Google Play Store

Kiphire: Kiphiremart an online shopping and delivery app launched to cater to the needs of residents of Kiphire.

BY | Wednesday, 3 August, 2022

Kiphiremart is a start-up shopping app launched on Google Play Store. Launched with the Aim of provide online delivery of products and shopping services to the people of Kiphire. Although currently carrying primarily electronics and groceries, however the Founder Ashish Sah and Co-founder Longtili C. Sangtam share their aspirations of expanding and making other products available on the app.

Ashish Sah, an entrepreneur, having witnessed the challenges people face in procuring goods and products decided to create an app to make shopping more feasible and accessible. In 2021, the initial launch was through a website however, this did not garner the expected response. However, with the launch of the app, the founders hope for a more positive response.

Longtili C. Sangtam also runs an organization, Akeda Amalung through which they collaborate with government departments in carrying out certain projects and foster employment opportunities in various sectors to support unemployed youths.

With technological advancements making a difference across societies, the launch of Kiphiremart app is a welcomed step in that direction and optimizing the shopping experience for residents. The app also accepts UPI payment and COD as well.

The founders of Kiphiremart hope to eventually expand and launch in other parts of the state.


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