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Panthong Tikhir: Self made machinist and local innovator in Kiphire

Machines have always fascinated the imagination of the humble and hardworking Panthong Tikhir, 45, hailing from Shamator Village and settled in Kiphire. Without having any formal qualifications in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Tikhir’s passion and hard seeking enthusiasm

/ 13 Dec, 2023

Singrep Adventure in Kiphire: A campsite above the clouds

Kiphire: Best season to experience majestic views from Singrep is during winter, starting from early November till late January

/ 08 Dec, 2023

Achumla Jingrü: Rising singer and songwriter from the far east land of Kiphire

Kiphire: Artist says her songs stem from her heart and express things she often struggles to convey

/ 02 Sep, 2023

Alisopur Students’ Union giving free tuitions to students since 2020 for ‘better tomorrow’

Tuensang: ASU asserts it is ever ready to come forward in matters that concern future of students

/ 30 Aug, 2023

Aseba T Sangtam – the talented, passionate, friendly hairdresser of Kiphire town

Kiphire: Aseba is one of the handful of hairdressers/barbers who cater to both male and female clients

/ 09 Jul, 2023

Grassroot Empowerment initiates Sustainable Development Committee in Shishimi Village, Kiphire

Kiphire: SDC consists of chairman, secretary and members from students’ union, Village Council, women representation and church leaders

/ 06 Jun, 2023

Kiphire’s Belenso impresses with his latest innovation “Pungro Power Soil”

Kiphire: Last year, the young inventor and science enthusiast invented TIGER, the voice-activated light control system

/ 18 May, 2023

Travel vlogger Monkey Magic shares about experience in Nagaland

Kiphire: Four months ago, Sahni did 100 days of solo travel across India with a limited budget of Rs 1,27,750. In the process he has gained over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers

/ 18 Dec, 2022

Historic Bilateral Friendship accord signed between Chimonger village and Tuensang village

Tuensang: The historic event was marked by presentations at the entrance gate of Chimonger village where the two heads of both the villages exchanged machetes - signifying the end of any hurdle between the two communities - with a

/ 03 Dec, 2022

Kiphiremart app launched on Google Play Store

Kiphire: Kiphiremart an online shopping and delivery app launched to cater to the needs of residents of Kiphire.

/ 03 Aug, 2022

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