Lotha Academy organises Pre-Festival of Lotha Language Festival at GHSS Wokha

Wokha: Lotha Language Festival to be held on 4th May 2024

BY | Saturday, 27 April, 2024

The Lotha Academy along with the Lotha Naga Cultural Resource Centre and Mount Tiyi College, Wokha organized the Pre-Festival of Lotha Language Festival on Saturday at Government Higher Secondary School, Wokha.

Various schools, both government and private, from Wokha Town participated in competitions such as Skit and Poster Making. The winners will be announced on the Festival Day, scheduled for May 4, 2024. The winning poster will be displayed, and the winning skit will be performed during the festival.

Elabemo Kinghen, Programme Co-ordinator, emphasized the importance of promoting the Lotha Language, which has remained stagnant for too long. He stressed the role of schools in spreading awareness and conserving the language, hence the competitions among schools.

He announced that competitions in Folksongs, Spelling bee, Poetry Recitation, and Exposition will also be held on the Festival Day, marking this as the first of its kind programme dedicated to promoting Lotha Language.

While the initial competition was limited to schools within Wokha Town, Kinghen expressed the academy’s intention to expand such programmes to involve the entire Wokha District in the future. He concluded by thanking the students for their participation.

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