Mokokchung’s Artang Ward (R) holds common platform for candidate declarations

BY | Sunday, 9 June, 2024

Artang Ward (Ward no. 4) has emerged as the first ward in Mokokchung Town to establish a common platform for candidate declarations. This programme was initiated to ensure clean elections by the Youth Association of Artang Ward (YAAW) on 8th June 2024 at Artang Community Hall.

The platform featured three women candidates: Yongkongsangla, Mapujungla, and Bendangkokla.

Congress candidate Yongkongsangla R acknowledged the difficulties in ensuring a clean election in Artang Ward. “While the ward councils have made significant efforts, there is still more to be done,” she remarked, expressing hope that the ward will uphold the principles of a clean election this time.

Mapujungla, who received her NDPP ticket through a phone call, voiced her commitment to working with the ruling government. She urged voters to recognize candidates based on their connection to Artang Ward rather than their village origins.

Meanwhile, Bendangkokla highlighted the need for a non-violent and clean election, urging her fellow candidates to refrain from coercing voters. “Votes should not be coerced by any party,” she emphasized.

T Ati Mongro, Chairman of Artang Ward, expressed his pride in the candidates. “I want to be proud of the Artang Ward candidates in front of all the 17 wards,” Mongro stated, praising the candidates as “well-deserved” and expressing gratitude to the youth association for spearheading the campaign. He urged the candidates to guide the ward on the right path.

YAAW President Purkumzuk underscored the council’s commitment to the clean election initiative. “The ward councils are deeply dedicated, even going so far as to conduct home visits to convey the message,” he noted.

He explained that the main goal of organizing the common platform early was to instill a spirit of clean campaigning among the candidates.

The election to the Municipal and Town Councils is scheduled for 26th June 2024.

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