Naga Hoho opposes UCC, says its imposition will undermine indigenous culture and identity

Kohima: NH underscores on-going Indo-Naga political talks, which seek to address issues and aspirations of Naga people

BY | Monday, 3 July, 2023

The Naga Hoho has stated its disapproval of the uniform civil code (UCC) that the Central Government is proposing to impose in the country.

“We firmly believe that any attempt to enforce a one-size-fits-all approach would undermine the constitutional provisions, unique history, and indigenous culture and identity of the Nagas, as well as the principles of unity in diversity in the country,” NH said in a press statement on Monday.

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It also highlighted that Article 371 (A) of the Constitution of India that recognizes and grants Nagas special status and rights, “is essential in respecting the distinctiveness and autonomy of the Nagas, acknowledging their historical journey, and upholding their fundamental rights.” NH underscored the on-going Indo-Naga political talks that are based on mutual respect, understanding, and a commitment to finding a sustainable solution that respects the unique historical identity and rights of the Nagas.

Imposing UCC would be tantamount to erasing their identity and diluting their cherished traditions, Naga Hoho said, adding that it would also overlook the diverse needs and aspirations of different communities and undermine the very essence of this unity in diversity which is India’s strength.

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