NDPP candidate Kekhriezelie Khezhie for Ward 5 campaign rally held


BY | Wednesday, 19 June, 2024

The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) campaign rally for Kekhriezelie Khezhie , NDPP candidate Ward 5, Kohima was held at the Govt. Primary School compound on June 18.

Sharing his experiences working with the youth and colony panchayat, Khezhie was reminded of a comment made by a visitor which always stuck with him “These people are living in urban area with rural conditions”. Khezhie stated that he had seen people suffering, and the many deplorable conditions that citizens go through in his ward such as water scarcity, improper infrastructures, poverty etc. Highlighting the benefits of associating with the  ruling party, Khezhie appealed the electorate not to waste vote and vote for ruling party. If elected, Khezhie assured that he will work to tackle the problem of poverty in his ward.

Medo Yhokha, Ex MLA in his speech appealed the people to choose the right candidate. Stating that the party always make the right decision to give ticket to a candidate, Yhokha said, choosing Khezhie is choosing hope, development and aspirations. He also asserted that the party hope to win in majority this election. Yhokha urged the people to be responsible and vote wisely.

Kecha Kense, GS, Kohima Region NDPP shared the vision of NDPP as a regional party created to carry forward the aspirations of the people. Kense said that the party is in alliance with BJP, in the interest of the people.

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Meanwhile, Theyiekielie Tachu hoped that people will vote for NDPP as they already have five candidates who had won uncontested and they are hopeful to win the Majority. Tachu reminded the voters that when they vote, they will be voting for development.

Dr. Kekhrie Yhome, Advisor School Education & SCERT in his speech mentioned that in the last election everyone forgot about politics. “This happened because of the suffering of Christian in our states and the people had shown their frustration,” said Yhome. With both candidate hailing  from Kohima village, Yhome reminded that only one will win, and therefore he appealed people to vote for ruling party. He also asked people to remember that this ruling party, the parent party is NDPP and people should keep that in mind.  He asked the people to vote for them and to work hand in hand and together.

Kahizo Vadeo, Pastor Chakesang CRC, Kitsubozou blessed the program with an invocation. Pele Khezhie and Neibou Sekhose spoke on behalf of their families.



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