NE Youth Conclave begins in Kohima; Advisor Ozukum says event will instil sense of responsibility in youth

Kohima: Ozukum advises delegates to be always aware of socio-political complexities NE region

BY | Tuesday, 7 November, 2023
Speakers of the Northeast India Youth Leaders Conclave (PC: @NFI_India/X)

The Northeast India Youth Leaders Conclave kicked off at Capital Convention Centre, Kohima on 7th November 2023 with Tongpang Ozukum, Advisor of Water Resources and Sports as the Chief Guest. The two-day conclave is being organised by the National Foundation for India (NFI), in collaboration with the Directorate of Youth Resources and Sports, Government of Nagaland, and NEIMUN as the Knowledge and Technical partner. The event is co-funded by the European Union’s project #LeavingNoOneBehind.

In the first opening plenary session, Advisor Ozukum, in his speech, expressed appreciation to the NFI and stated that the event will instil a sense of responsibilities in the minds of the youths.

He remarked that the Northeast stated should make use of the diversity of the region to our advance.

Emphasized that Northeast region is not only blessed with rich biodiversity but is also blessed with multi-ethnic cultural diversity as well, he encouraged all the delegates to promote ethnic tolerance, cultural acceptance, understanding of each other ways of life and peaceful co-existence and also advise the delegates to be always aware of the socio-political complexities in the Northeast region.

Ozukum said, “In Nagaland, Government jobs are over flooded, and at the moment we are trying to scale down the Government job appointments and focus more on the innovations, skills development, technology and entrepreneurship”. He stated that the post pandemic has brought realization that we must go back to the roots by using the traditional means of farming and be self-sufficient.

Highlighted on SDG Vision 2030 that was released in Nagaland in the year 2021, the Advisor said, “This vision document is framed with the background of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nation’s in 2015 and we know its a big challenge and ambitious target but we are hopeful that the participations of the stakeholders like the Grassroot Leaders, Civil Society Leaders, NGO’s and the government together will achieve our targets as it is set for inclusive and sustainable development of Nagaland.”

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The other session that followed on the day-1 of the Northeast India Youth Leaders Conclave were Thematic Session on Society: Nexus of Security & Development, Group Activity, Thematic Session 2 on Mountains- Harnessing Biodiversity & Sustainability and concluded with Spotlight Session 1.

The welcome address was delivered by Limabenla Jamir, Development Consultant, Local Public Sector Alliance, Washington DC while opening remarks were given by Biraj Patnaik, Executive Director, National Foundation for India, while Kethosituo Sekhose, Director, Directorate of Youth Resources and Sports, Government of Nagaland was the Plenary Speaker.

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