NHIDCL Project NH-29 Kohima-Jessami Road: Having experienced 60 landslides in 2022, Kikruma Village appeals for resumption of works before onset of monsoon

Kikruma: NHIDCL official who worked in Phek says most works in Phek district under completion or completed

BY | Saturday, 3 June, 2023

Citing multi-fold hardships that the people may face, Kikruma Village Council has appealed to National Highway Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (NHIDCL) for early reinstatement of construction work on the 2-lane Kohima-Jessami road on NH-29.

In an appeal to NHIDCL, Kikruma Village Council Chairman Thipuzhoyo Thira and Secretary VDB Besungoyo Puro mentioned that the mobility of people, agricultural produce, and merchandise will stand adversely affected.

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They added that immediate resumption of construction works, and maintenance is necessary before the onset of monsoon to prevent situation like previous year’s monsoon which created havoc for the commuters from landslides which occurred at over 60 locations.

Kikruma village council also expressed concern over termination of the agreement of the contractor M/s. KCPL by NHIDCL and consequent instruction to KCPL to stop the construction work abruptly.

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It said, “with the suspension of the highway construction works, even regular maintenance works have come to a standstill, which could lead to significant health and safety concerns, particularly in light of the impending monsoon season”.

It further said, “We sincerely hope that you will address this matter with the utmost urgency it deserves and take prompt steps to reinstate construction works before the onset of monsoon. Our villages and communities are eagerly looking forward to the completion of this highway project and the improved mobility and connectivity it will offer, and we would be grateful for your prompt response to this matter”.

National Highway Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (NHIDCL) project ‘Construction of 2-lane with hard shoulder of Kohima-Jessami road on NH-29 (Near Kigwema road Chakahabama) was initiated on EPC mode.

As per to e-journal of Legal Services India, EPC contract consists of three components i.e., detailed engineering design of the project (E), procurement of raw materials (P), and construction of the project (C) as per the specifications. After completion, the contractor has to commission the project, after which the contractor is said to have executed the project.

Speaking to Nagaland Tribune, an official of NHIDCL who had worked in Phek, said that most works in Phek district are under completion or completed. However, a few projects have met with issues as some bank guarantees furnished by the contracting firms were found to be invalid, leading to court cases.

NHIDL updates on project in Nagaland as of April 2023 mentions that Kohima-Jessami road on NH-29 package-II the contract is to be re-awarded, meaning a fresh tender process is to be done.

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