Noklak DPDB Focuses on Agri-Allied Activities and District Development

Noklak: MLA P. Longon Highlights Importance of Agri-Allied Activities and Skill Development for Noklak’s Progress

BY | Wednesday, 19 July, 2023

The Noklak District Planning & Development Board (DPDB) meeting was convened on July 18, 2023, under the Chairmanship of MLA P. Longon to address important issues concerning the district’s development.

During the meeting, MLA P. Longon highlighted the district’s reliance on Agri-Allied activities, particularly Millet cultivation, and stressed the need for modern farming techniques. He urged stakeholders and departments to support millet cultivation in the district, especially in light of the “International Year of Millets” declaration for 2023. Longon requested members and departments to raise awareness about the health and nutritional benefits of millets.

The board also focused on empowering youth through Skill Development facilities in Noklak. They unanimously approved and recommended proposals to the concerned department, aiming to equip the youth with essential skills for better opportunities.

Infrastructure development was another key aspect discussed in the meeting. The board approved and recommended the construction of the Superintendent of Police Office in Noklak and the establishment of Bus Terminal & Bus Stations, addressing the area’s transportation needs.

Addressing healthcare concerns, the board discussed the shortage of posts in District Hospital Noklak and Chief Medical Office Noklak. They approved various post creations under CMO and MS, seeking to address the issue. The posting of Medical Officers at PHC, Panso, and Pangsha was highlighted, urging prompt action from the concerned department to resolve public difficulties.

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The meeting also saw approvals and recommendations for development initiatives, including the construction of JNV at Thonoknyu, the Frontier Christian School in Noklak village, and the recognition of Lumoking village under Panso Headquarters.

To improve veterinary services, the board apprised the concerned department for the creation of a Chief Veterinary Officer at Noklak and the establishment of a Veterinary Sub-Health Centre at Chipur village under Thonoknyu.

Additionally, the board approved and recommended the Local Area Development Programme (LADP) 2023-24 for 56 AC Noklak and 57 AC Thonoknyu, facilitating essential development projects.

To enhance administrative efficiency, the board tentatively fixed the third Wednesday of every month as the monthly DPDB meeting day for Noklak, streamlining district administrative processes.

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