OKM takes stance against “proxy teachers” in Ongpangkong Govt Schools

Mokokchung: Removal of undedicated teachers will enable appointment of dedicated and qualified teachers readily available to fill positions

BY | Friday, 7 July, 2023
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The Ongpangkong Students Conference (OKM) has expressed deep concerned about the prevalence of the practice of using “proxy teachers” in government schools within the Ongpangkong areas in Mokokchung district. In a press release on 6 July, OKM stated that its commitment to safeguarding students’ welfare compels it to take a strong stance against any unlawful conduct that deprives students of the quality education they deserve.

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It has come to the attention of OKM that there have been multiple cases where “proxy teachers” are being unlawfully retained in positions meant for qualified teachers who have been duly assigned by the government, it said. Highlighting that there is an adequate number of professionally trained teachers eagerly awaiting recruitment, the students’ body urged the prompt removal of teachers drawing salaries without fulfilling their duties by employing “proxy teachers”.

The removal of such teachers will enable the appointment of dedicated and qualified teachers who are readily available to fill the positions, OKM stated.

It further urged defaulters to immediately resume their assigned duties in accordance with the government’s approved appointments while stressing it is essential to rectify the system promptly to restore the integrity and effectiveness of the education system in the region.

In its press release, OKM notified that if this malpractice persists beyond the warning, it will be left with no choice but to take necessary actions.

Ongpangkong Students Conference has affirmed that it is committed to work closely with relevant authorities and stakeholders to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to uphold the highest standards of education for our students. OKM also called upon all stakeholders, including government bodies, educational institutions, parents, and concerned citizens, to support its efforts in eradicating the practice of “proxy teachers” and in fostering an environment that prioritizes quality education for the benefit of the students.

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